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Article about Sloan vs. Truong in todays's New York Times:

I have filed a lawsuit against Truong, Polgar, USCF et al after it was proven that 2464 obscene posts impersonating me has been posted to the chess newsgroups. Here is the Mottershead Report proving this.

The case has been filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York at 500 Pearl Street, New York NY 10007.

The case number is 07 CIV 8537

The judge is Judge Denny Chin

The Magistrate Judge is Judge Frank Maas

The suit seeks to overturn the results of the 2007 USCF Election on the grounds of election fraud and to reinstate the directors who were thrown out in that election until a new election can be held. The complaint alleges that defendants Susan Polgar and Paul Truong impersonated Sam Sloan and sent out three thousand obscene and pornographic newsgroup postings during the election campaign in order to discredit Sloan and get themselves elected so as to take over the USCF Finances.

The papers and pleadings filed in the Southern District of New York can be downloaded at the following addresses: Summons in Sloan vs. Truong.


Application for a TRO.

Unsigned Temporary Restraining Order.

Affivavit on Diversity Issue.

Affivavit on Federal Question Issue.

There have been ten articles in the New York Times about this case:

New article about this case in Lubbock Avalanche-Journal in Lubbock Texas: Tech gets more response time in chess lawsuit by MARLENA HARTZ AVALANCHE-JOURNAL Here are some pleadings, newspaper articles and forums on the case:
Four chess books by Ishi Press have just been reprinted. Here they are:

How to Talk Dirty in Japanese and English is now available from the following book stores:
Latest Developments in New York Board of Elections Corruption Case: Hard Disk Data Recovery Expert

I have had a serious problem with my hard drive, which crashed in October, 2006. As the hard drive contained books that I had written, it was necessary to recover it. I took it to all kinds of experts and none of them could do anything about it, plus I even had to pay.

I wish to report that I have finally been able to recover most of the data on my hard drive.

For this I have to thank Ephraim Hirshberg and his company, Atomic Bytes. I was referred to him by J&R Computer World, where I had purchased my computer in 2002.

His website is

Why I became a Student at the University of California at Berkeley

Renewed Motion to Disqualify Alexander Karam, Dorchen Leidholdt and Sanctuary for Families from appearing as counsel in this case

Complaint to Bar Against Manhattan Deputy Borough President

Here are documents demonstrating that my children were kidnapped, in PDF Format:

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Mafia Moll: The Story of the Mistress of John F. Kennedy
* Author: Sam Sloan
* Publisher: Ishi Press International
* 574 Pages
* ISBN: 0923891900
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Elista Diaries
* Author: Anatoly Karpov and Ron Henley
* Publisher: Ishi Press International
* 438 Pages
* ISBN: 0923891978
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Pal Benko's endgame Laboratory
* Author: Pal Benko
* Publisher: Ishi Press International
* 226 Pages
* ISBN: 0923891889

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The Slave Children of Thomas Jefferson
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* ISBN 1881373029
* Author: Sam Sloan
* Publisher: Ishi Press International
* Pages: 400

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Chinese Chess for Beginners
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* ISBN 0923891110
* Author: Sam Sloan
* Publisher: Ishi Press International
* Pages: 192

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Contemporary Dance Festival Performance October 8, 2005