Marriage Deed

I, Mr. Mohd Ismail Sloan s/o Leroy Sloan & a resident of New York U.S.A. shall hereby commit myself to the following conditions and shall abide by them as a result of my marriage to Miss Khonzagul daughter of late Mr. Habibur Rahman of the village Damik Dist. Chitral. In case the conditions are broken my wife will have the right to suit in either American or Pakistani court.

1) I declare that I am a sunni Muslim and if I cease to be a sunni Muslim my wife will have the right to get herself divorced under the American as well as Muslim law.

2) I agree to the Haq-e-Mahr of my wife which is one lac and ten thousand rupees Pakistani. I shall pay the money on her demand whenever she desires. The amount spent on her marriage is deductible.

3) I am also bound that I will leave my wife along with her parent's family for two months each & every year.

4) As a Muslim I shall keep her within the limits of Islamic way of life and won't force her to adopt conditions contrary to Islam.

5) As the case of a son-in-law is like a real son in Islam as well as according to the local traditions I shall pay Rs. 6000/- (six thousand rupees) annually for the paternal family of my wife.

6) I shall also bear the expenses of one of her relatives who would accompany her to America from Pakistan and as long as my wife desires he would stay with us. The return expenses will also be born by me. I will take the person according to the legal procedure.

/s/ ____________________
Mohammad Ismail Sloan

1. Ashrafuddin
D.O.E. Govt. College Chitral
2. Khwaza Khairul Azam

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