Photo of Honzagool in February, 1981

I married Honzagool in her family home in Damik, Chitral, Pakistan on February 17, 1980. I was able to bring her to America three weeks later. At the time of this photograph, Honzagool was pregnant with our child, Shamema, who was born on October 15, 1981. This photo was taken in the Circus Circus Casino in Las Vegas. The other photo is her passport photo, taken in February, 1980. Our daughter, Shamema was later kidnapped by Charles and Shelby Roberts. We have never been able to get our daughter back.

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A Pakistani lawyer in Islamabad named Raja Abdul Rashid, who wanted Honzagool to become his second wife, petitioned the Rawalpindi Family Court for an order declaring my marriage to Honzagool in Chitral to be void. This petition was granted ex-party by Judge Shauket Nawaz Gul on 1 June 1985 and the court had the lawyer presenting the case married to Honzagool the same day. Honzagool was brought from Chitral for that purpose, as the courts in Chitral had previously refused these petitions. Previously, Raja Ehsan Aziz, the cousin/brother of that lawyer, had planted more than 100 articles in the Pakistan press attacking my character and reputation, just so that he could marry my wife, Honzagool, himself. These articles, all planted in the press by just one man, made Honzagool one of the most famous women in Pakistan at that time. The Pakistan press refused to publish my side of the story and continues to refuse to do so to this day. For a typical example of one of those articles, see: Daily Nawa-i-Waqt for 6 October 1983 . It is because of these circumstances and these newspaper articles that Honzagool has never been able to participate in the efforts to recover our kidnapped daughter, Shamema.

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