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I am the Mansoor Ijaz you refer to in the following website, and I would appreciate it if you would remove me from your newsgroup. I do not know who you are referring to, but I have never written to you in my life, nor do I know who you are. In 1982, I was a student at University and would have had no contact with any of the people you refer to.
Mansour Ijaz
His name is Mansoor Ijaz, but he is not the Mansoor Ijaz of BMUMO Fame, he says.

Your statements about me are libelous and slanderous and will be treated as such. Since I'm pretty sure this is a simple case of mistaken identities, I would like to offer you the opportunity to remove my reference in your threads. If you do not by Wednesday morning, March 5, 2003 at 9:00am, I will turn this matter over to my lawyers and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Thank you for your time and immediate response to this request.

Mansoor Ijaz

Dear Mr. Mansoor Ijaz,

Were you a student at the University of Toronto in 1982? Were you a graduate student of physics there in the period 1982-1984? If so, you were indeed the person who wrote those letters to me and to my wife and to her family members. I saw the letters you had hand-written to family members of my wife in Chitral and in Karachi, Pakistan.

If you are not that person, kindly explain. It seems very unlikely that there could be two persons with your name both graduate students of physics at universities in North America. If there are two persons with the same name, then surely you know who the other one is. It is unlikely that there could be two persons with the same name from the same place and with the same unusual background.

I know facts about you which have never appeared in the newspapers and which I would not know otherwise. For example, you have said in the press reports that you were born in America, but I know that you were born in Pakistan. In addition, nobody else but me knows that you formerly resided in Toronto, Canada.

As for your threat to turn this matter over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, please do so. If you are not that person, I certainly want to clear your name, so I can find the real person. The last thing I want to do is wrongly to accuse somebody who just by coincidence happens to have the same name and background as the guilty party.

Perhaps you are confused and do not know exactly who I am. I am Haji Mohammad Ismail Sloan. Does it come back to you? Do you remember me now?

Sam Sloan

Apology to the wrong Mansoor Ijaz.

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