Second Reply of Mansoor Ijaz

Thank you for your letter.

The Mansoor Ijaz to whom I am referring definitely was at the University of Toronto. This is certain. If you were really never in Toronto, then I agree that you are not my man.

The letter which is posted on my website at was postmarked Toronto, Canada, November 1, 1982. I originally assumed that the postmark was fake and that the origin was somewhere else. However, I traveled to Chitral, Pakistan and to Karachi, Pakistan and there saw letters also postmarked Toronto and in the same handwriting. These letters proposed marriage to my wife, Honzagool. They were from a man named Mansour. He described himself as a graduate student of physics at the University of Toronto. The letters tried to present himself as a suitable person to become the husband of a young woman. One of the letters said that his father was named, I believe, Abdul Qadir. I have always been wondering if this was the famous Abdul Qadir who is the father of the Pakistan A-Bomb. However, I am well aware that Abdul Qadir is an extremely common name in Pakistan.
Mansour Ijaz
His name is Mansoor Ijaz, but he is not the Mansoor Ijaz of BMUMO Fame, he says.

The letter said that the father of the writer would be coming to Chitral to meet the family of Honzagool, to arrange this marriage. Of course, in keeping with the purdah system, it would not have been appropriate for the potential husband and wife to meet each other prior to the actual marriage. However, the father never came.

In 1985, I traveled to Toronto. There I found the picture of the man for whom I was looking posted on the wall of the Physics Department of the University of Toronto. His full name was Ijaz Mansour Qureshi.

I then went to see both the Chairman of the Physics Department and the faculty advisor of this Ijaz Mansour Qureshi. I showed them the letters from BMUMO. They both agreed that the BMUMO letter was from their student, because they recognized the handwriting. The faculty advisor said of Mansour Ijaz, "He is one of our most brilliant students. The most difficult courses are easy for him."

Sounds like you, does it not?

I then went to the Toronto Metropolitan Police. I believe but am not sure that the officer to whom I spoke was named Prabakeran or something similar. He went to the home of this Ijaz Mansour and interviewed him and his new wife. Mansour had apparently given up on his idea of marrying Honzagool and had obtained a new wife from Pakistan. The officer reported back to me that this Mansour had newspaper clippings and a file folder full of information about me. This Mansour seemed obsessed with me, according to the police officer. Of course, the man denied having written the BMUMO letters. However, the police investigator told me that he had been investigating cases like this for more than 20 years and he was sure that this was the right man.

I then called the FBI in Roanoke, Virginia, where an investigator named Jim Allen had supposedly been working on this case. FBI Agent Allen had been an old friend of my father, Leroy B. Sloan, who had been a Special Agent of the Treasury Department. However, three years had since passed and FBI Agent Jim Allen was away or had retired. My father, who had received the second BMUMO letter, because by then I had already gone into hiding, had given the letter directly to FBI Agent Allen. I assume that the two BMUMO letters are still in the files of the FBI somewhere.

You claim that you are not this person, that you have never lived in Toronto, that you never attended the University of Toronto, that you were born in Tallahassee, Florida, and that Mansoor Ijaz is a common name. I agree that it is possible that you are not this person and that it is just a pure coincidence that you have the same name and a similar background.

However, I have just given you a lot of details about that person and, assuming that you are not him, such a person should be easily findable, and that person certainly is connected with Jamaat-i-Islami and Al-Qaida.

The evidence that my wife Honzagool is connected with members of Al Qaida has gone from remotely possible to likely to virtually certain in the past few days. Consider the following facts:

In numerous letters, Raja Ehsan Aziz said that Honzagool was in Rawalpindi in the care and custody of Pak-Anjuman-e-Khawteen-e-Islam. This name translates roughly to Islamic Woman's Committee. See Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was arrested at the home of the President of the "Jamaat-i-Islami Women Wing". This is the same organization.

Honzagool has been with that group for 20 years since 1983. In September, 1983, I went to Chitral to recover my wife, Honzagool. My wife was on the verge of being handed over to me. However, before this could happen, Raja Ehsan Aziz had her removed from Chitral and brought to Rawalpindi. If you know Chitral, you will understand the difficulty in doing this, since the home of Honzagool is surrounded by some of the highest mountains in the world. I do not know how they did this, but they did. Once in Rawalpindi, nobody, not even her family members, could find Honzagool. Even the Ruler or Mehtar of Chitral, who was also an official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, could not locate Honzagool, in spite of his strenuous efforts to do so. Twenty years have since passed and still there is no verifiable address for Honzagool. In addition, her daughter, who is also my daughter, Shamema, has never heard from her mother for the 20 years since.

Jamaat-i-Islami is a small but fanatical political party. It would be utterly impossible for Honzagool, who is a famous person in Pakistan, to be held by the Jamaat-i-Islami in Rawalpindi for twenty years without the President of the Woman's Committee knowing about it.

The recent arrests show that a leader of Al-Qaida, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, was living or hiding in the home of the President of the Woman's Wing of the Jamaat-I-Islami. This constitutes nearly conclusive proof that my wife Honzagool is involved with Al-Qaida. Indeed, it seems possible that she was in the very house where these arrests took place two days ago.

You say that you are not the Mansoor Ijaz who wrote the marriage proposals to my wife Honzagool and that it must be another person with the same name as you.

Nevertheless, I have doubts and your name will remain at the top of my list of suspects.

Ismail Sloan

At 10:14 AM 3/3/2003 -0500, The Crescent Partnerships ( ) wrote:

>Mr. Sloan, I was never at the University of Toronto. I was born in Tallahassee, Florida, raised in Virginia, went to undergraduate school at University of Virginia from 1979-1983 and then to graduate school at MIT and Harvard from 1983-1986. I have no idea who you are and please remove me from your group. You indeed have confused me with someone else, and for your information, there are several Mansour Ijaz's here in the US, some with different spellings of the same name. I trust this clarifies your misunderstanding. Thank you for your cooperation.

>Sincerely, Mansoor Ijaz

Apology to the wrong Mansoor Ijaz

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