Thousands Protest in Kandahar, Afghanistan

Thousands of people marched on different roads of Kandahar, as a mark of protest against the US missile attack on Afghanistan and the alleged Iranian interference in Afghanistan's internal affairs; vowing to resist all kind of pressures being exerted on Taliban to hand over the Saudi millionaire Osama bin Laden.

A complete strike was observed by the traders in Kandahar, the second biggest city of Afghanistan where the Taliban headquarters is situated, to express resentment against 'actions', of Iran and USA. All the shops, main markets and shopping center remained closed.

The protest demonstration started from the famous Eidgah Chowk and after marching through main streets and bazaars, ended from where it had started. The charged processionists were raising slogans against the USA attack on the two eastern cities Khost and Jalalabad on Thursday night. 'Almighty Allah is great, down with US, down with Iran and Russia, long live AmeeruI Momineen Maulana Muhammad Umar Mujahid were the slogans being chanted by the angry youth. 'Iranian interference in Afghanistan will not be tolerated by the people of Afghanistan' was inscribed on one of the banners, the protesters were carrying.

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Following the USA attack, the atmosphere in Kandahar was emotionally charged. There was a wave of anger and indignation running through the common people. The procession after passing through various roads ended at Shaheedan Chowk, where speakers while addressing the gathering, strongly condemned the USA attack on Afghanistan. They demanded that Iran should refrain from meddling in the internal affairs of Afghanistan. They expressed solidarity with Taliban regime. The speakers included: Haji Sher Agha, Haji Saifullah and others.

Later four resolutions were adopted. The speakers vowed that Osama was in safe hands and no power on earth could arrest him.

'The US is not strong enough to arrest Osama from Afghan soil and the attacks from USA had been carried out just to intimidate Taliban authorities into extraditing him,' said a Talib Mohibullah.

In a resolution, the citizens of Kandahar in the protest demonstration held the United Nations responsible for USA aggression and said that if USA dared to attack Afghanistan again, United Nations and its Security Council will be held responsible for the consequences. In another resolution they alleged that Iran was interfering in Afghanistan's internal affairs and added that people of Afghanistan had every right to react to such incidents, so as to give it a befitting reply.

According to another resolution, it was demanded that UN should recognize Taliban government as the legitimate government of Afghanistan, as according to international law it met all standards required for recognition.

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