Moron of the Month: Nebraska Republican Jon Christensen

Here is the winner of the title of Moron of the Month: He is Nebraska Republican Jon Christensen, who is campaigning for election as governor on the ground that he is about to get married to a virgin bride, who has been saving herself for these 25 years, just for him. The virgin bride-to-be is Tara Dawn Holland, Miss America 1997.

Naturally, Jon Christensen is heavily favored to win the election. If it turns out that she is not a virgin after all, will that be grounds for impeachment?

Moron Jon might need some help on his wedding night. If so, Sam Sloan is available. (I have lots of experience at this.)

However, I bet she dumps him even before they get married, because of what an idiot he has made her seem like.

Here is more about the virgin bride of Jon Christensen: Tara Dawn Holland - Miss America 1997.

Here is: Tara Dawn Holland runs for Miss America.

UPDATE: In spite of being way ahead in the polls two weeks ago (when this was first posted) Nebraska Republican Jon Christensen has been overwhelmingly defeated in the gubernatorial primary, and received only 28% of the vote. See Nebraska's GOP Blasts Christensen.

See also: Johanns sweeps to GOP win BY DON WALTON Lincoln Journal Star.

I like to think that my web posting contributed in some small way to his defeat because, in my view, any man who is not even willing to eat his own wife's pussy should not be in any position of governmental authority.

Sam Sloan

As long as we are on the subject of virgins, here are some more:
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