Saddam Hussein to debate George W. Bush ???

Last night, many of us listened to the interview of Saddam Hussein by Dan Rather. I had often heard that Saddam Hussein is an extremely intelligent and capable man, but I never fully realized this until I heard this interview.

I am not defending Saddam Hussein. I think that he is a ruthless murderer. However, is was clear that he answered the questions by Dan Rather cogently and well and that indeed he presented himself much better than our Western leaders have done.

Saddam Hussein challenged George W. Bush to a televised debate. The problem with the debate idea, which will be apparent to everybody who watched the interview of Saddam Hussein by Dan Rather last night, is that we know who will win the debate and who is the more intelligent of the two men.

Sam Sloan

Here is the Full Transcript of the Interview of Saddam Hussein by Dan Rather

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