Child Kidnapper Shelby Roberts

THE NATION in Bangkok, Thailand has just reprinted an article from archives about me and my daughter, Shamema. This article explains, in part, how Charles and Shelby Roberts were able to kidnap my daughter, as they did about one month after the article was published, and get away with it. They claimed that they had legally adopted my daughter and she was their's by right. This was a lie. They had not adopted my daughter and still to this day, eight years later, have not adopted my daughter. However, once they got their hands on my eight-year-old daughter and disappeared, there was no way for me to get her back.

Here is: The Bangkok Nation Article dated September 12, 1990.
Shelby Roberts holding my daughter Shamema
This photo was taken within days after Charles and Shelby Roberts had succeeded in kidnapping my daughter. The photo shows an obviously happy Shelby, proud of having succeeded in kidnapping my daughter, and my obviously unhappy daughter.
This photo was mailed to me anonymously. I do not know the source.

In addition to claiming that they had adopted my daughter, Charles and Shelby Roberts falsified other facts as well. For example, they claimed that they were 36 and 32 years old and that Charles Roberts was an engineer. In reality, they were 56 and 52 years old and Charles Roberts was an unskilled laborer running a grinder machine in a factory. These falsifications were obviously made to project an image of themselves as persons qualified and capable of caring for a young child.

The Kidnapper - Shelby Roberts

Wanted for Kidnapping

Shelby Roberts - The Kidnapper: Shelby Roberts was born in December, 1938. Her Social Security number is 230-54-1665.

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