Letter from Ismail Sloan to Aziz-ur-Rehman

M. Ismail Sloan
Financial Consulting Services
33 Gold Street
New York, New York 10038
Telephone: (212) 732-1886

April 20, 1991

To Mr. Aziz-ur-Rehman:
(address unknown)

Dear Sir:

It has become necessary for me to take a trip out of town, so I have asked my wife Honzagool to deliver this to you when she sees you next.

It has become obvious to me from out most recent conversations that there will be no benefit to further negotiations with you on the subjects we have been discussing. As I have tried to explain to you many times, by threatening me and laying down ultimatums, you will not gain any good will from me. You have tortured me for more than one year with your constant threat to take my wife, who is your cousin, away from me. since you have never let up, it is obvious that there is no way to satisfy you and that you plan to continue to blackmail me for the rest of your life. Therefore, I must advise you that I have decided to terminate all relations with you and under no circumstances will I ever allow you to enter my house again. Moreover, I will not in the future enter into any negotiations or discussions with you on any subject whatsoever. If any further questions arise with regard to the best interests of my wife, Honzagool, I intend to correspond with her actual brothers in Pakistan.

I realize that this letter may provoke you into trying to carry out the threat you have made continuously for the past year of taking Honzagool away from me and sending her back to Chitral. However, you should be advised that if you do succeed in your plan of providing her with a fraudulently obtained passport and other travel documents and of forcing her to return to Pakistan, you will have violated the laws of bit the united states and Pakistan, for which you can be imprisoned and otherwise punished. Moreover, I am sure that you know that under Islamic religious law, you are not allowed to interfere in the relations between a man and his wife and even the local judicial authorities may deal harshly with you as well, should you ever decide to go back there.

Please understand that I do not doubt for a moment that you have the power to take Honzagool away from me, even though she is happily married and residing with me at the present time and is expecting to have our baby in September. As you yourself have pointed out, you have previously arranged for the capture of my wife by Sher Malik in the Bronx for a period of two weeks in April, 1980 and pursuant to your instruction she has spent one night per week in his house ever since, up until two weeks ago when you finally acceded to my request by instructing her not to sleep there any more, only to reverse yourself this past Saturday by taking her there again. You are obviously aware that by telling the wife of a man, though she may be your cousin, to sleep in the house of another man is a great violation of Islamic religious law, especially when that other man is not even a distant relative and no other relative is present to supervise his conduct.

I wish to make it clear that I want to keep my wife with me and I do not wish you to take me away from her. That is why I have acceded to your demands repeatedly for more than the past year. However, in view of your constant harassment, pressure and blackmail which has been unremitting ever since our arrival in the United States, I can no longer bow to your threats. In addition, I wish to advise you that I have provided the manager of my building with a photograph of you and I have instructed him that should you ever show attempt to enter my house again, he should call the immigration police at (212) 2640-5838 and have you arrested.

please be advised that if you do any actual harm to my wife and our expectant child, I will deal with you in the manner prescribed by Islamic religious law.

Since I am hereby terminating all future relations with you, I ask that you return through my wife the copy of the Koran which you borrowed from me several months ago and never returned and which contains a transliteration in the Roman as well as in the normal Arabic alphabet. I received it from the Islamic Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and I consider it to be irreplaceable. I also ask that you return the many other Islamic books which you have borrowed from me over a period of time., In addition, in Chitral we agreed that I would pay for your trip to the united states and when you had accumulated sufficient funds you would reimburse me. The net amount which you owe me comes to 9000 rupees or $900, which is the cost of the ticket of 11,000 rupees minus 2000 rupees which you borrowed from friends and thereby provided your own funds. I understand that you have already obtained and kept for yourself a refund of the unused portion of that ticket. I do not ask you to reimburse me for the several thousand dollars I spent supporting you in the United States from March until September, 1980 because we never had any agreement in that regard.

Please understand that this decision is irreversible.

Very Truly Yours,

Mohammad Ismail Sloan

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