The United States Green Card of Honzagool

A green card is not green. It is a resident alien card, which enables the holder to reside permanently in the Unirted States, to work legally and eventually to become a US citizen. Honzagool got this green card by virtue of being my wife.

Because Honzagool was completely illiterate, even in her native language of Khowar, I had to obtain all the documents for her. Honzagool could not even sign her own name properly. Her signature on this green card is not really correct.

Following the custom of Afghanistan and the tribal areas of Pakistan, Honzagool does not have a last name or a middle name. Her only name is Honzagool.
It is to be recalled that the President of Afghanistan, who was brutally executed, also had only one name. His name was Najibullah.

Here is the Pakistan Passport of Honzagool: Honzagool's Passport

Here is the Wanted Card for Honzagool's cousin, Aziz-ur-Rehman

Here is a Photo of Honzagool

Charles and Shelby Roberts are Wanted for the Kidnapping of Honzagool's daughter, Shamema.

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