Letter from Raja Ehsan Aziz to W.J. Lake

E-3 Satellite Town,

November 5, 1983

Mr. William J. Lake,
55 West 125 Street
New York, N.Y. 10027

Re: Honzagool v. Sloan
Dear Mr. Lake,

I wish we could speak a little longer over the phone, but these computerized calls automatically get disconnected. Something probably went wrong with the timing that day.

Sloan might be back in New York by the time this letter reaches you. He is a sick man with the devil's instinct. He started off in Chitral with manipulations in league with certain local officials, much like his manipulations in N.Y. viz the Child Welfare Bureau's Mr. Mullen and the FBI or the Immigration.

On the pretext of visiting his estranged wife, he was actually indulging in criminal trespass of Honzagool's home when she was all alone with her mother. Her brothers were out working far away. Next, he drummed up the lie that Honzagool wanted to return to the US along with him but that her family was keeping her as a prisoner. This was precisely what he said in N.Y. when Honzagool was living with Nadia and then with Dr. Khwaja's family.

Some misguided and misinformed officials, perhaps also lured into sharing Sloan's "50 million dollars" in that fraudulent defamation suit, tried to put Honzagool into "neutral custody" which in fact amounted to illegal confinement. But they couldn't go very far, besides probably didn't quite understand what they were doing. Sloan had convinced them that as soon as Honzagool leaves her mother's door, she will fall into his lap. Honzagool, however, did just the opposite. She resisted every inch of this confinement, and even went on a hunger strike.

Meanwhile, our press blew up this whole outrage. Thus three days later Honzagool returned to her mother's place and Sloan ended up in Chitral jail after being publicly handcuffed, for disturbing public peace, false statements and other charges. He was released a few days later.

His criminal adventure badly misfired. Not only that, our papers also splashed Sloan's entire criminal past since the Sexual Freedom League, down to Anda, Sahib Delan, Honza and Shameema. This widespread publicity completely shattered Sloan. It has also landed those officials who consciously or unconsciously conspired with him into a ditch. Having been ruled by the British for two centuries, the white man in our brown society still carries undue credibility. Almost every Pakistani papers spoke of you in what translates into "Mr. William Lake, the respected and distinguished American lawyer", paying tribute to you for having defended Honzagool and protecting her legal rights.

As regards the legal situation, Honzagool is expected to secure her divorce from Sloan in the next few weeks. The delay has now occurred in view of Sloan's criminal manipulations. There was a move to transfer the case to another court. I shall inform you as soon as the situation clears up, hopefully by next week. I will also send you a copy of the judgment. Please let me know in case you need a copy of her divorce petition, which she filed on December 16, 1982 to be precise. Meanwhile, I am sending you Honzagool's affidavit for submission to the Court where Sloan is dreaming to make "50 million dollars". Perhaps you could make notarized copies and retain the original for any other use.

Since we are dealing with a very unpredictable and unstable character (except that whatever he does will be devilish in nature) and a very unprecedented situation, I cannot predict the days ahead in this case. I guess we will have to wait and see and do our best. Meanwhile, I trust you will keep me informed about any progress kin issuance of warrants of arrest of Sloan. I will appreciate if you could immediately send me a copy of Judge Louis Fusco's judgment of April 29, 1983, convicting Sloan of civil and criminal contempt. I need the original verdict (i.e. photocopy) for possible use at this end. I don't know what Sloan will be up to on his return to New York. Nor am I sure whether he will revisit Pakistan. I hope and pray that poor Honzagool ordeal comes to an end soon, the day when she can begin a new start in life.

Withe Best Wishes,


Raja Ehsan Aziz

N. B. I am coming to visit N.Y. sometime in Spring 1983 in connection with my Ph. D. thesis defense.

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