Jane Fonda and Mikhail Gorbachov

Here is a curious fact that pertains to Jane Fonda: On August 19, 1991, hard-line Communists staged a coup d'etat, overthrowing Gorbachov and taking power in Moscow.

Gorbachov and his family were held under house arrest in a dacha in Southern Russia. They were not allowed to communicate with the outside world, which was being told that Gorbachov was ill.

They had just one thing at their disposal: Jane Fonda Workout Tapes. Using their Japanese cassette recorder, they taped over Jane Fonda and put Gorbachov's message on top of hers.

They somehow got the Jane Fonda Workout Tapes smuggled past the security guards, and eventually the tapes reached the world media, where Gorbachovís message was played world wide.

On August 21, 1991, the coup collapsed and Gorbachov regained power. Soon thereafter, Gorbachov voluntarily handed over power to Boris Yeltsin.

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