President Clinton's Unknown Father

One of the great mysteries of our time concerns President Clinton's Unknown father.

The mystery is not only that his father is unknown. Rather, it is that this subject is never mentioned.

William Jefferson Blythe in 1944, said to be the real father of Bill Clinton, but he doesn't seem to look much like Bill.

Clinton was born in Chicago and raised as a Methodist. There has always been talk about Clinton's "abusive step father". However, there has never been mention of his real biological father.

In celebration of Mother's Day, CNN News put out the following about Clinton's father:

"President Clinton's Father was killed in a car accident before he was born, leaving his mother, Virginia, to raise him alone until she remarried four years after his birth."

Source: "1998 NYT Almanac"

This cryptic statement does not provide us with any real information. The name of Clinton's father is either unknown or has never been revealed.
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The reason I find this question to be particularly interesting is that Clinton's middle name is Jefferson. Clinton also invokes the name of Thomas Jefferson at every opportunity.

I am really an expert on the slaves of Thomas Jefferson. I know more about this subject than any person alive (an easy statement to make, since all the renowned experts are now dead.) I wrote a book on this entitled The Slave Children of Thomas Jefferson.

Bill Clinton with his mother and younger brother, Roger. Bill's mother, Virginia Kelley, was married five times, twice to the same man.

In order to write this book, I read several thousand hand written letters by Thomas Jefferson, similar to the letter shown here. I have been able to establish that there are more than one thousand living descendants of Thomas Jefferson by his slaves, some of whom are now considered white, whereas others are considered black.

The question is: Is William Jefferson Clinton one of the Slave Children of Thomas Jefferson?

UPDATE: I have received an e-mail stating that Bill Clinton's original name was William Jefferson Blythe, IV and that Clinton's father was William Jefferson Blythe III who was the son of William Jefferson Blythe II.

It gives as the source: Ancestors of American Presidents by Gary Boyd Roberts.

UPDATE: A reader writes: "I co-authored "BLYTHE, Vol.1" in 1994 with Pat Hicks Brigance, of Maryville, Tennessee. We included a chapter on the family of President Clinton. He descends from ANDREW JACKSON BLYTHE and his wife JANE BLYTHE. ANDREW J. BLYTHE and JANE had a son named THOMAS JEFFERSON BLYTHE, which is the child that President Clinton is descended from. I have a great deal of information regarding this family that Pat and I have collected since 1994.

"You may reach me at the following e-mail addresses: OR AT "

Rev. Jerry Olinger
Donna (nee BLYTHE) Olinger
1205 Crater Avenue
Modesto, CA 95351-7311
1 (209) 529-2447


Dear Mr. Sloan:

It's odd that you make so much of not knowing bill Clinton's father's name since it has been public knowledge for quite a long time. Look in any New York Times or "People"-style magazine that came out during one of his presidential elections and you will find numerous stories about his family and genealogy. His father, as you eventually discovered was William Jefferson Blythe (known as "WJ"). There were a long line of people on his side of the family with similar names starting with a Thomas Jefferson Blythe born back in 1829. If there's anything else you want to know, I'm sure any of the family genealogists who post their studies on the Internet would be glad to help you out. However, it sounds like truth is not exactly what you are looking for.

Thomas Jefferson
President Clinton's Putative Great-Great-Grandfather?

Rev. Stan Blythe Duncan ( )

ANOTHER UPDATE: A reader writes:

Chris Ruddy is reporting in his magazine that Blythe was NOT in the country 9 months prior to Bill's birth and ONLY returned 6 MONTHS PRIOR to his birth. Virginia was asked about this and her response was Clintonesque: 'I pushed hard for an early labor'.

Chris Ruddy's magazine is Vortex - vol.1 no.1 p.4, Internet Vortex, PO Box 20989, West Palm Beach, FL 33416 - 561-835-6999.

It also appears that you can reach them at: 1-800-newsmax.

The information was obtained from D. Maraniss' book titled "First in His Class : The Biography of Bill Clinton". Nine months before Clinton was born, Blythe was serving with the Army in Italy. Blythe only returned to the states some 6 months before the birth. After pub of his book, Maraniss was contacted by a Louisiana family who claim one of their male relations had a love affair with a young Virginia Cassidy at the time Clinton was conceived.

The Louisiana family knew too many details about Virginia to have made up the story.

A reader writes:

This is from the article from London Times for 1/5/99 by Damian Whitworth: (excerpt from article) Virginia, Bill's mother, said that Bill was born prematurely after she suffered a fall. But when Vanity Fair tracked down the midwife, she denied he was born prematurely. "Not at that weight. I remember he was a nice size baby, between eight and nine pounds". (end of excerpt). (My note - this would appear to be yet more evidence that Blythe was not the father of Bill). In the Vortex article (previous email), it indicates that Tyrrell ("Boy Clinton") theorizes that "one of Virginia's family or friends at the county morgue found (Blythe who had died recently) and "married" (Virginia) to Blythe". FYI.

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