The Poor Guy Can't Get a Girl

In looking for photos of all the women the president is rumored to have been linked with, I discovered that there are surprisingly few, less than what the average non-gay guy gets.
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Here are all the photos I have. I would hope that most of us can do better than this. Here are All the President's Woman:

Above from left to right are: Cristy Zercher, Elizabeth Ward Gracen, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Monica Lewinsky, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Hernreich, Susan McDougal, Debra Schiff, Sherrie Densuk, Marsha Scott, and the President's actual former main squeeze, Dolly Kyle Browning.

The latest rumors concern Cristy Zercher and Debra Schiff, who were competing with each other for future President Clinton on a 1992 campaign flight, while Hillary slept nearby!

Cristy says that she allowed the President to grope her for 40 minutes, until Debra told the President to go back to his seat.

Other reports concern Elizabeth Ward Gracen, former Miss America, who says the President forced himself upon her until they had sex and Sherrie Densuk, model and former shoplifter.

Sensational Breaking News: Lewinsky finally admits it: "I did it for the President".

Now, the time has come to put the real criminals in jail: Paula Jones, John Whitehead, Donovan Campbell, Jerry Falwell and the kidnappers of my daughter, Shamema Sloan are all Wanted for Kidnapping

Here is: Affidavit of Juanita Broaddrick denying non-consensual sex with President Clinton .

Top News Story: Elizabeth Ward Gracen Finally Admits It: Yes, I did. I had sex with the President. "He's a very charming, handsome man".

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Here is a BBC News Report about All the President's Women. (It takes a long time to get this one.)

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