Blond Bimbos Blast Bill

In order to shore up the sagging number of hits on my web site (I only got 9042 hits yesterday) I thought up this headline.

The truth is that we know that they are blond. We do not know if they are bimbos. We do know that they said something about Bill. We do not know if they blasted him or not.

The woman in the first two photos is Marcia Lewinsky, Monica's mother. On Tuesday and Wednesday, she testified before a federal grand jury, which is investigating the question whether her daughter gave a blow job to the President.

Marcia Lewinsky is a published author. She writes under the pin name of Marcia Lewis.

Lewis, 49, has been divorced for more than a decade from Dr. Bernard Lewinsky, Monica's father. In 1996, she wrote a book, "The Private Lives of the Three Tenors: Behind the Scenes with Placido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti and Jose Carreras," which was rife with sexual suggestiveness.

The younger blond is Neysa Demann Erbland, who testified on Thursday. Neysa is a close friend of Monica Lewinsky.

The remaining blond is Nancy Hernreich, the director of Oval Office Operations, who testified before the grand jury Thursday.

I checked the United States Code recently and, as far as I can determine, it is not a federal crime to give a blow job to the President.

Perhaps they should enact a law against that but, until now, there is none.

For the past week, in conversations about town, I have detected a swing in favor of the President and against Special Prosecutor Ken Starr. It turns out that Starr is an arch-right-wing conservative, of the Jerry Falwell stripe. He wants badly to bring down the Presidency.

When Clarence Thomas was nominated by a Republican President for the US Supreme Court and charges were made against him of sexual impropriety, all the great liberals from Ted Kennedy down attacked Thomas, whereas the conservatives defended him.

Now, the shoe is on the other foot, because here we have a Democratic President accused of receiving a blow job from a fairly young woman. The Democrats are quiet. This time, the Republicans, the same persons who defended Thomas, are attacking.

Might I suggest that there is hypocrisy here.

I believe that the American people are starting to make their views known on this subject. Everybody in America now believes that President Clinton has had a wide variety of sexual partners while in office. It no longer matters whether or not his numbers are two or three or hundreds as has been suggested, but the fact is that he has been having sex in the Oval Office, or at least that is what the overwhelming majority of people believe.

The worst slander I ever heard about a president in the recent past was a story I heard that President George Bush did not have sex at all. President Bush did not have sex with his wife, Barbara. He did not have sex with young girls. He did not have sex with young boys. He just did not do it at all.

I do not know how widespread this rumor was. (I never saw it published in the newspapers). However, I will say that it influenced me. Because of this rumor, I became convinced that President Bush was unfit to serve and, because of this, I switched and became a supporter of Clinton for President in his race against Bush.

I believe that a majority of Americans feel the same way. We would prefer to have a strong, vigorous president who is capable of sexual intercourse with numerous young girls than to have a weak president who is not.

Would you put in charge of the bombing of Iraq a man who is not even capable of having sex with a woman? Is this why President Bush let Saddam Hussain off the hook and did not occupy Iraq as he easily could have done?

Sam Sloan

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