Jerry Falwell accuses Clinton of Drug Smuggling and Murder

Jerry Falwell accuses President Clinton of peddling drugs and of being involved in the murder of Vincent Foster, the former White House deputy counsel.

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Jerry Falwell squeezes the hand of Shamema Honzagool Sloan, daughter of Sam Sloan

But what about the fact that Jerry Falwell was involved in the kidnapping of my daughter, Shamema Honzagool Sloan, and is right now holding my daughter a prisoner in his "Lynchburg Christian Academy" in Lynchburg, Virginia?

Judge Lawrence Janow was up for re-election in the Virginia General Assembly. Please help me stop this monsterous criminal from being re-elected as a judge.

Here is news: Falwell Meets with Prime Minister of Israel and Offers to Mobilize Churches to Oppose Palestinian Rights.

Note: Several readers have expressed disbelief at my statement that the Falwell organization kidnapped my daughter and is holding her prisoner now. However, my statement can be proven. Just go to Jerry Falwell's Thomas Road Baptist Church on Thomas Road in Lynchburg, Virginia almost any weekday, and my daughter will be there. Then, try to approach and speak to her. You will find that she is closely watched and guarded and that no outsider is allowed to speak to her.

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