Initial reply to Demand for Retraction of Misrepresentations Made Regarding John W. Whitehead

Dear Mr. Aden,

There is a mistake in your letter.

The correct address of my web page is:

Notice that I left off the letter "d".

The reason I did this is not that I do not know how to spell Mr. Whitehead's name, as I know it very well (after all, I grew up in Lynchburg) but because with very few exceptions I never use file names longer than 8 letters.
John Whitehead
Financed Paula Jones Case??

Better correct this before the typed version of your letter goes out to me.

By the way, I am an authority on the life and genealogy of Thomas Jefferson. I wrote the definitive work on this, "The Slave Children of Thomas Jefferson".

Did you know that the Whitehead family are relatives and in-laws of Thomas Jefferson?

When you say that John Whitehead is not a relative of Paul Whitehead, how many generations back have you checked? Try the book "Genealogy of Virginia Families", Vol. 5, published in 1981 and available in the Jones Memorial Library in Lynchburg and also Tyler's Quarterly Historical and Genealogy Magazine for 1925, Vol. 6. Those works are cited on pages 63, 187, and 278 of my book "The Slave Children of Thomas Jefferson".

Sam Sloan

At 10:27 AM 4/1/99 -0500, Steven Aden wrote:
>Dear Mr. Sloan:  Please find a cease and desist letter attached, copy to
>follow by certified letter. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
>Attachment Converted: "C:\Demand.wpd"

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