Monica Lewinsky for Public Advocate of New York City

I am thinking of running Monica Lewinsky for Public Advocate of New York City. It will take 7500 signatures to get her on the ballot. I cannot do it alone. Would anybody like to volunteer to circulate petitions?

I went to the Board of Elections two days ago to check to see if she is registered to vote in New York City. I established that she is registered to vote as a Democrat. This is important because she must be registered to vote to get on the ballot.
Monica Lewinsky

There is absolutely no doubt that Monica Lewinsky is the most qualified person to become Public Advocate for the City of New York and that she will win if she gets on the ballot. I doubt that anybody would even be willing to run against her.

Public Advocate, Mayor and Comptroller are the three city-wide positions up for election this year.

Please send me e-mail at or call me at (718) 385-9313 if you are interested in helping in this campaign.

Sam Sloan

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