Jenny Jones examines the issue of Big Boobs

Here is my chance to scarf a little band width from Jenny Jones:

On March 1, 2000, I happened to be watching the Jenny Jones Show. (No. I do not watch Jenny Jones. I was at somebody's house who was watching it.)

Something happened which struck my interest. The topic of the show was big boobs. Jenny Jones brought out a bunch of women who all said that because of their big boobs, men had given them diamonds, cars, houses and thousands of dollars. They claimed that all women were jealous of them because of their big boobs.

Jenny Jones examines the issue of Big Boobs
Which one would you rather have?

The one wearing pink
The one wearing black

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One by one, they pranced into the audience showing their stuff. The women were all varieties, white, black, Hispanic.

When one woman who was Asian went into the audience, a slender girl in the audience stood up and yelled at her:

"You give Asian girls a bad name. I don't have anything up here, but I can get more with what I've got than you can get with what you've got."

The woman saying this was Asian herself of course, probably Chinese. She had the typical Asian petite body type. And she was right. I would much rather go with her than with the big breasted woman who was prancing around.

There were several things surprising about this. One was that an Asian woman would stand up and say this (although from her accent she was probably born in America). I considered that she might be a plant in the audience, although I doubt it.

Another thing is that the girl in the audience had the same body type as my former girlfriend: basically flat.

My very old girlfriendGuest on the Jenny Jones Show
Would you rather have this girl in pink? Would you rather have this girl in black?

So, I have decided to let my readers vote. This is a pretty ridiculous vote, because the outcome is obvious. Since I do not have a picture of the girl in the audience but I do have a picture of my former girlfriend, and I have obtained from the Jenny Jones web site a picture of the Asian woman with big boobs, I will let my readers vote as to which one they would rather have, the one on the left or the one on the right.

While I am here, I want to say something on a related subject. I have often heard it said that Asian women are "submissive". I almost fly off the handle every time I hear this, because it is absolutely not true. I have vast experience with Asian women from almost every country of Asia. None of them have been submissive. To the contrary, all of them have known how to use their beauty and their attributes to get what they want.

It is true that Asian girls give more and better pussy than American girls. Men with experience know this, and that is why the Asian girl in the audience said that she can get more with her body than the big breasted girl can get with hers. But that does not mean that Asian girls are submissive. Not at all. It means that they know how to use their attributes and to have a more enjoyable life for themselves.

Sam Sloan

PS One of the women on the show, I believe that it was the woman above in black, said that she makes $10,000 per week showing her body on the Internet. I do not believe this. On the other hand, she does look rather familiar.

A reader writes: I'm sure you've heard this by now, but I'm fairly sure the woman in black on is Asia Carrera ... who used to be fairly flat. She seems fairly odd for a porn star. She supposedly has a pretty high IQ
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