I have seven children. Here are photos of my 7 kids.

UPDATE: I now have 8 kids:
Sandra Kimura Sloan
Sandra Kimura Sloan at age 18 months

Their names in order are: Peter Julius Sloan, born October 22, 1978
Mary Rachel Sloan, born October 18, 1979
Shamema Honzagool Sloan, born October 15, 1981
Michael Rankoth Sloan, born June 18, 1988
Jessica Vithanage Sloan, born September 14, 1988
George Rankoth Sloan, born April 28, 1990
Anusha Rankoth Sloan, born November 29, 1991
Sansra Kimura Sloan, born November 11, 2001

Here are: Four of my kids together

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