Sam Sloan DNA test results are back

I have just received back the results of my DNA test. This is a Y-chromosome test administered by and the University of Arizona. It is different from the X-chromosome test administered by Oxford Ancestors and Oxford University. The Y-Chromosome test I took will show my inheritance from my male ancestors. It will not show my female ancestors or relatives, since females do not have a Y-chromosome.

The results of the test show that I am a perfect match with five men who have taken the same test, as we match on all twelve locii. This means that I am 99.9% certain to have a direct male ancestor in common with these five men, probably within 14 generations.

The test also shows that most of the people with test results similar or the same as mine are from England or Ireland, plus a few from Germany, Holland, Iceland and other European countries. This is not a surprise since my father was half Irish and half English. It is mildly surprising that there seem to be more English than Irish with my test results. However, there has long been a question as to whether my great-grandfather, Creighton Sloan, was born in Ireland or England. Some sources say Ireland, some say England, and some say that he was Born at Sea.

Another interesting issue concerns the fact that none of the five men who match me exactly on all 12 locii have reported having anyone in their family tree named Sloan. I have recently developed a theory (it is just a theory with no proof) that my great-grandfather, Creighton Sloan, was born illegitimate, with unknown father. My theory might be influenced by the fact that my brother, whose name is also Creighton Sloan, is a bastard. The fact that none of my DNA cousins report a relative named Sloan plus there is a Sloan Family Surname Project DNA Group which has not reported DNA similar to mine adds credence to my theory that my great-grandfather may have been illegitimate.

Another reason for my taking this DNA test has been possibly to locate my children. In the period 1976-1978, I was a sperm donor 5 or 6 times through Idant Corporation, a sperm bank in New York City. I was told by them that I have probably produced 5 or 6 children as a result. I stopped donating sperm when I became concerned about the fact that I have 5 or 6 children who would not know who I am and I would not know who they are. They might become my rivals and beat me at chess or something.

The fact that the sperm bank kept calling me down and asking me and paying me to donate sperm obviously meant that children were being produced. I was tested to have an exceptionally high sperm count of 144 million sperm per cc, whereas most American men have less than 20 million sperm per cc. I suppose that this is enhanced by my healthy life-style. I do not smoke, drink or use drugs. My potency is demonstrated by the fact that I have eight children born through the natural process, the eldest having been born in 1978 and the youngest born in 2001, plus historically all of my girlfriends have become pregnant right away.

With this Y-chromosome DNA test, it will be possible to identify my candidate sons from those sperm donations, provided of course that they also submit to a DNA test. They might do this if they happen to know that they are the products of artificial insemination and want to find their real father.

Just to add a little incentive to this, I am right now fighting a court case against my brother who, as noted previously, is a bastard, and the court has just ruled that there is a $258,000 inheritance from our late mother, who died in 2001. My brother is trying to have my half of the money given to my children and not to me. Therefore, if you think you might be my son, come forward and there might be money in it for you (over my dead body, of course).

Here are my DNA test results. If you match me on all 12 locii, then you are 99.9% certain to be my relative on the direct male line:

Again, I just got my results back from Family Tree DNA. I have been provided the names and e-mail addresses of five persons with whom I am a perfect DNA match on all 12 locii. However, none of them are named Sloan.

I have nothing to hide, so here are my DNA test results:

Sam Sloan Y-Chromosome Test Results
Sam Sloan Y-Chromosome DNA Test Results
Locus DYS# Alleles

1 393 13

2 390 23

3 19* 14

4 391 10

5 385a 11

6 385b 15

7 426 12

8 388 12

9 439 12

10 389-1 13

11 392 13

12 389-2 29

*Also known as DYS 394

Sam Sloan

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