Affidavit of Sam Sloan in Opposition to Objections filed by Republican Party


Re: Petitions for Sam Sloan as a Republican Candidate for the 10th Congressional District

Affidavit of Samuel H. Sloan in opposition to the objections to my petitions filed by Bibi S. Khan

Samuel H. Sloan, being duly sworn, states:

1. I am running as a candidate for United States Congress in the 10th Congressional District as "Sam Sloan". I reside at 920 Belmont Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11208 which is in the 10th Congressional District. I have a drivers license and numerous other documents which prove that I live at that address with my wife and child. I am willing to invite any member of the Board of Elections to visit me at my home in case there is any doubt about this.

2. Bibi S. Khan does not reside at 100 Hill Street, Brooklyn NY 11208. She used to live there, but sold the house in 1991. Bibi S. Khan does not live anywhere in the 10th Congressional District. Therefore, she does not have standing to object to my petitions to run for election. It is a legal requirement that for someone to object they must reside in the district where the petitioner is running. Since she does not reside in the 10th Congressional District, her objections are invalid.

3. The voter registration of Bibi S. Khan is fraudulent. She does not reside at her address of record with the Board of Elections. She used to reside there, but moved out many years ago. The actual residents of 100 Hill Street, Brooklyn NY 11208 are Sandra Irizzary and Israel Izirrary. Their telephone number is (718) 348-0738. Their names are on the doorbell. I have spoken to Sandra Irizarry several times both in person and on the telephone. She vehemently denies that Bibi S. Khan lives in the same house with her. She states: "Only tenants live here".

4. In addition to that, the Ringleader of the Gang that is trying to block me from being the Republican Party Candidate for US Congress is Diane Haslett Rudiano. Her voter registration is also fraudulent. Her voter registration is at 258 Schenck Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11207. Diane Haslett Rudiano does not reside at that address. The actual resident of that address is Theresa McGovern, who is 98 years old. The birth date of Theresa McGovern is July 13, 1906. She has been registered to vote at that address since at least 1957. Her telephone number is (718) 827-9391. I have called that number several times but nobody has answered the phone. I have been to her house at 258 Schenck Avenue and the neighbors state that he is still active and goes to church every Sunday. I have questioned the neighbors on the right side of her house, on the left side of her house and across the street from her house and they all state that nobody fitting the description of Diane Haslett Rudiano has ever been to that house.

5. Please note that 258 Schenck Avenue is in a black neighborhood in East New York. It is considered to be a bad neighborhood where white people never go, except that I lived on Pitkin Avenue just four blocks from that house until three years ago. Diane Rudiano is a high-class Republican white lady who drives a fancy car and her presence on the block would be highly noticeable if she actually lived there. It is obvious that she is keeping her actual address secret. There is nobody named Rudiano with a telephone number anywhere in the United States.

6. Both Bibi S. Khan and Diane Haslett Rudiano are guilty of voter registration fraud because they are registered to vote and have voted from an address where they do not reside. This means that all the petitions they have signed, witnessed and submitted are invalid. This also means that they are both guilty of a Class E felony. This is even more so true because Diane Haslett Rudiano is the Chief Clerk of the Kings County Board of Elections. She has been holding that highly paid position on a fraudulent basis in that she is registered to vote at an address where she does not actually reside. She must be removed from her position with the Board of Elections, especially since she has been using that position to block me from getting on the ballot as a candidate for US Congress from the Tenth Congressional District.

7. I have obtained a copy of the deed to the house at 100 Hill Street, Brooklyn NY 11208. The deed is attached as an exhibit. The deed can be downloaded at The house is on Block 4171 Lot 13. The house at 258 Schenck Avenue is on Block 3979 Lot 27. Both are modest frame structures in somewhat run-down condition in East New York in an area where it is unlikely that any big-shot Republicans would be living.

8. The 1991 deed for 100 Hill Street gives the address of Bibi S. Khan as being at 1087 Liberty Avenue, which is only three blocks away. That is the address of the Ace Hardware Store, where I often buy my hardware and plumbing supplies, because I live nearby. However, there are some residential rooms upstairs. I went there on the afternoon of August 1, 2004 and rang the doorbell. A man answered. I asked for Bibi Khan. He said that Bibi Khan was there and he would call her. He closed the door. A few minutes later a woman came out. She stated that she was not Bibi Khan, that Bibi Khan does not live there and that the man who told me that Bibi Khan was there had made a mistake.

9. I proceeded to have a conversation lasting about a half hour with this woman. She repeatedly denied being Bibi Khan and said that Bibi Khan does not live there and she does not know where she lives. However, at one point in the conversation she slipped up by saying that there was a controversy about my website. Up to that point, I had not mentioned my website or even stated that I had a website and so her statement about my website established that she knew exactly who I was and knew that the Republican Party was making objections to my website. This led me to conclude that the person to whom I was speaking was either Bibi Khan herself or somebody who knows her well, and I told her so. Actually, I do not believe that she was Bibi Khan because Bibi Khan was born on December 24, 1955 and this woman seemed to be younger. However, she might easily be Nasheela Khan, Nefeiza Khan or Shahab Khan, all of whom are also listed as being at 100 Hill Street and who are in about the age range of the woman to whom I was speaking. In any event, none of this is of any moment because the woman to whom I was speaking denied that Bibi Khan lived at that address.

10. There is a person named Bibi Khan living at 8564 79th Street in Queens. The house at 100 Hill Street is only five blocks from the border with Queens and the house at 8564 79th Street is only six blocks further into Queens, so these two houses are only 11 blocks from each other, even though one is in Brooklyn and the other is in Queens. If the Bibi Khan who signed the objections to my petitions is the same person who lives at 8564 79th Street, then the objections are invalid because she lives out of district.

11. I worked for several years for a real estate lawyer in Downtown Brooklyn doing deed and title searches and I am well qualified in this area. Unfortunately, the lawyer, Jon Sherry, killed himself, he shot himself in the head, and so I am running for US Congress.

12. In addition to the above, the objections to my petitions are invalid for other reasons as well. On May 5, 2004 a meeting in Bay Ridge Manor of the King's County Republican Party. I was introduced as a candidate, made my presentation and answered questions propounded by the District Leaders of the King's County Republican Party assembled there. Later in the same meeting I was nominated and seconded to be the Republican Candidate for United States Congress from the 10th Congressional District. Because I had just changed my voter registration from Blank to Republican in the previous week but this change in registration will not be effective until after the November elections, a vote was held to grant me a Wilson-Pakula. By a show of hands, I was granted a Wislon-Pakula by a margin of about 3-1. I was thereafter informed by Aaron Maslow, the Chairman of the Meeting, that I had been granted a Wilson-Pakula.

13. The vote was not unanimous in my favor because to everyone's surprise during the meeting a Republican gadfly named Mariana Blume stood up and said that she wanted to run for US Congress. Diane Rudiano later told me that Mariana Blume is "a nut". Nobody seemed to want her as a candidate. In the vote on the Wilson-Pakula, only Mariana Blume and a few people sitting near her voted against me. I was approved by an overwhelming margin.

14. If the vote had been taken on my candidacy the result would have been the same. However, Diane Rudiano moved that a weighted telephone vote be taken on my candidacy. After some debate, it was decided that the vote would be concluded by May 12.

15. A meeting was held on May 12 at Giando on the Water. At that meeting it was announced that I was the Republican Candidate for US Congress from the Tenth District and I was introduced by the Chairman of the Meeting as such. Mariana Blume protested but her protests were ignored by the Chairman. I spoke to Diane Rudiano at some length at the conclusion of the meeting at about 10:00 PM and she said nothing about anybody else running.

16. It was later announced that I had defeated Mariana Blume by a vote of 972.5 vote to 444. The only person to vote for Mariana Blume had been Mariana Blume herself, as she had 444 weighted votes.

17. However, the following morning, May 13, 2004, which was after the time to vote had expired, it was announced that Adrienne Britton was the candidate. I was astonished at this because I had spoken to Adrienne Britton and her father Brynmar Britton and they had said nothing about Adrienne Britton running for Congress whereas I had told them that I was running for Congress. Therefore, I called Adrienne Britton on the phone. Adrienne Britton told me that she was not running for US Congress and that before my call nobody had told her that she was being considered as a candidate for US Congress. She said that this was the craziest thing she has ever heard of especially since she is only 28 years old and has no intention for running for Congress. She demanded that her name be taken off the ballot.

18. Within a few days the name of Isabelle Jefferson was substituted for the name of Adrienne Britton. Again, there was no meeting and no vote. It became obvious that Diane Rudiano was doing this on her own. However, I soon found out that Isabelle Jefferson is a wealthy 76 year old lady who had gone to South Carolina a month earlier for the Summer. She drives a fancy Cadillac DeVille 32V Northstar of recent model and her neighbors had noted that her car had not been in her usual parking spot in front of her house. She also owns the apartment building where she lives. It became obvious that she has no interest in running for Congress and her name was being inserted just as a way to stop from being the candidate.

19. Sure enough, a month later she returned from Charleston, South Carolina and as soon as she got back she declined the nomination. By then, petitions had been circulated, collected and filed with the Board of Elections with her instead of me as the candidate. In view of this, a vacancy committee consisting of Hy Singer, Gladys Pemberton and Lori Maslow (wife of Aaron Maslow) and notarized by Diane Rudiano replaced Isabelle Jefferson with someone named Harvey Clarke. Harvey Clarke is a newly registered voter who registered for the first time on June 4, 2004. It is obvious that almost none of the Republican Party District Leaders have ever heard of him.

20. In sum, I am the rightful and legal Republican Party Candidate for US Congress from the 10th District. I was granted a Wilson-Pakula on May 5, 2004 and I won the nomination by a vote of 972.5 to 444 on May 12, 2004. My name should have been on the petitions circulated by the Republican Party. Instead, however, the name of Isabelle Jefferson was on the petitions, even though Isabelle Jefferson had not been nominated, seconded or voted upon. For these reasons, all of the petitions with Isabelle Jefferson on them should be deemed my petitions and my name should go on the November ballot as the uncontested Republican Party candidate for US Congress.

WHEREFORE, for all of the reasons set forth above, the objections filed by Bibi S. Khan should be declared invalid and the name of Sam Sloan should go on the ballot the uncontested Republican Party Candidate for US Congress from the 10th District.

Samuel H. Sloan

Sworn to before me this 2nd
Day of August, 2004


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Sam Sloan
Sam Sloan is Running for Congress in the 10th Congressional District of New York

NOTE: I have further researched this matter. Theresa McGovern purchased the house located at 258 Schenck Avenue on November 20, 1952. The deed is recorded at the Brooklyn Recorder's Office in Liber 8022 Page 313. There has never been a mortgage or encumbrance on the house. The online computer records only go back to 1965 and therefore the deed cannot be downloaded at

The house at 100 Hill Street was sold by Bibi S. Khan and George Khan on December 10, 1990. The Deed is recorded on Reel 2658 Page 1441.

Therefore, unless Diane Haslett Rudiano can prove that she is a rent paying tenant at 258 Schenck Avenue, is it rather conclusive that she is representing District 55 on a fraudulent basis and also she is holding a high-paying job as Chief Clerk of the King's County Board of Elections on a fraudulent basis. I expect her to be removed from those positions soon.

I have mailed the above affidavit by certified mail on August 3, 2004 to Bibi S. Khan, Theodore Alatsas and Diane Haslett Rudiano at their respective addresses. It will be interesting to see if they receive and sign for these letters at these addresses. These mailings can be tracked with the following numbers at

7003 2260 0004 4662 5300 Theodore Alatsas
7003 2260 0004 4662 5287 Bibi S. Khan
7003 2260 0004 4662 5294 Diane Haslett Rudiano

Sam Sloan

I have filed three petitions for a Writ of Certiorari in the US Supreme Court. All of the petitions I have filed seek to be reinstated on the ballot as a candidate for US Congress for the Tenth Congressional District of New York.

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