I am very, very upset about the plans of the Evil Monster to perpetuate himself in office.

Naturally Manhattanites, like people everywhere, rally behind their leaders in times of war or similar political crisis. However, we must not forget what an evil man Mayor Giuliani has been these past four years.

The biggest lie we keep hearing is that "Mayor Giuliani cleaned up New York City". This is absolutely false! Crime is down nationwide, not just in New York City. More than that, nobody hates Mayor Giuliani more than New Your City's Police Officers. Although just about everybody hates Mayor Giuliani, the police hate him more than anybody, even more than the New York City taxi drivers hate him.

Like all dictators, Mayor Giuliani plans to stay in office forever.

And what exactly has this evil monster done to clean up New York City? New York City police officers only get half the pay of officers in nearby Suffolk County. New York City public school teachers get paid much less than school teachers are paid in neighboring counties. Right now, there are massive departures of both police officers and school teachers in New York City for higher paying jobs.

More than that, Mayor Giuliani keeps ordering New York City's police officers to ignore their training and to break the law. The police have been ordered to engage in criminal acts such as for example baton charges on lawfully assembled minority citizens. I myself have seen with my own eyes young black men handcuffed, lined up against the wall and searched in public when their only offense was that they were young and black. When a major newspaper reported that 67% of all black teenagers say that they have been handcuffed and searched by the New York City Police, Mayor Giuliani replied that this was justified because 67% of all crimes are committed by black teenagers. What Mayor Giuliani needs is a lesson in constitutional law.

Mayor Giuliani will be given a good opportunity to renew his legal education after he leaves office, because he will spend the remainder of his life in a retirement home at city expense. He can even have his choice of retirement homes: Attica, Sing Sing, Ossining and a few others come to mind.

Mayor Giuliani no doubt knows that he will be going to prison for the remainder of his natural life not long after he leaves office and for that reason he has done the same thing as done by other Fascist dictators around the world. He announced yesterday that he wants to cancel the elections or make a "deal" in advance of election that the results will be ignored and that he will remain in power even after the elections are held.

In order words, Mayor Giuliani wants New York City to become like Burma, Nigeria and other third world countries, where the victors in elections were not allowed to take office.

Sam Sloan

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