Carol Jarecki responds to accusations by Larry Parr and Tom Dorsch

Dear Sam,

I am sick and tired of explaining the trip to Curitiba (not Rio) in the Fall of 1993, thanks to Larry's incessant hounding of Schultz during those years. I think I have even explained it to you already. I have been, was at the time as I am now, a member of the FIDE Rules and Arbiters Commissions, as well as being quite experienced in matters of titles and ratings. If I hadn't been at the GA (that's General Assembly) meetings in Curitiba, to argue on his behalf, Ilya Gurevich would not have been awarded his GM title at the time. Details aren't necessary here. And FYI, as you may already know, the BVI has a full vote in FIDE, equal to the USCF, and can either void or double the USCF's vote. Whenever possible I have tried to forward the interests of the USCF in FIDE matters, and protect our players.
Carol Jarecki

Arnold Denker's wife was terminally ill and he, the Zonal President, couldn't go. Fan Adams was the FIDE Delegate and, due to his own health, could not go. There are TWO representatives who are customarily sent to these major meetings (from any Federation, not just the US)--the FIDE Delegate and the "Counselor". Denker is the Zonal President and, since the US is a single zone, the USCF is responsible for covering his expenses to the meetings. Fortunately, he has never charged for reimbursement. Don Schultz, being very experienced in FIDE matters, took the place of the Delegate. Even though Parr latched onto this to try to drum up some impropriety in it, it was very legitimate and correct. It was proper for the PB to pay his way.

I had just had my third of four operations on my shattered left leg and was not going to go although the USCF needed more help there--it happened to be one of the more important of the annual GA meetings. I get no financial assistance from the BVI for attending the meetings. The PB initiated the offer to ASSIST in my airfare, not all of it and nothing more, to try to encourage me to go. I went--with a backpack and on crutches, and, after sitting in meetings from 9 a.m. to, often, 1 a.m., with great pain. I did not go on the same plane as Don, I did not stay in the same hotel, I never even had dinner with him. So much for Parr's claims of "fun in the sun". Curitiba is not even near a beach, to contradict another insinuation of Larry's. I am sick of it. I would not and never will run for any PB office in the USCF. I've never seen such back-biting, back-stabbing, groundless, superficial criticisms in my life as I see from many of the chess politicians.


PS: You may, instead, refer to the other examples that I sent you yesterday.

BTW, they do play a lot of chess in Brazil in case you didn't know about it. Curitiba is the center of chess there, not Rio. There are 2 new young GMs since last year.

NOTE: Larry Parr has written a series of articles entitled "Fun in the Sun" alleging financial improprieties by Don Schultz in sending himself and Carol Jarecki to a FIDE meeting in Brazil. Parr says that this trip took place in 1994. At that time, Don Schultz was a member-at-large on the USCF Policy Board. Schultz was elected president in 1996. Schultz had resigned as FIDE delegate in 1989 in the face of a wide variety of accusations of impropriety made by Parr, Larry Evans, Sam Sloan and numerous other chess personalities.

In the current election campaign for FIDE Executive Board, Tom Dorsch, who during this campaign has become a political ally of Larry Parr, has raised the issue of the trip by Don Schultz and Carol Jarecki to "Rio de Janeiro". In an Internet posting on March 31, 1999, Dorsch demanded a budget cut by "eliminating international travel to FIDE meetings for PB members who are not on our FIDE delegation". In a further posting on June 22, 1999, Dorsch says, "The trip described to Rio de Janeiro took place on the last PB. Schultz was on that PB."

Don Schultz, in recent postings and letters to the voting members, has said that he is the first USCF president since Jerry Spann in 1960 never to have traveled abroad at USCF expense.

I, Sam Sloan, do not know where the truth to any of this lies. I do not know when or if Carol Jarecki and Don Schultz went to Rio de Janeiro or to Curitiba, what took place there, who paid for it, whether they had "fun in the sun" or whether this trip was in any way improper.

Curitiba is in Southern Brazil, near to Argentina, and is not close to Rio de Janeiro, but is closer to Sao Paulo.

Sam Sloan

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