Why Do Women Want to Lose Weight?

Studies have shown that one of the main reasons why women smoke cigarettes is that they want to lose weight or to keep their weight down.

There is the old saying, "There is no such thing as a woman who is too slim or too rich."

Of course, women want to be thin to attract a man. But why take up a disgusting habit such as smoking which would drive away many men, including me? So the question is: Why do women want to lose weight? What do you think? Express your opinion in the guestbook!

Nice to look at, but, would you really want to fuck this girl?

Let's be frank about this. Women want to be skinny so that they can find a man to fuck them. Not just any man, but they want to be able to attract a variety of men so that they can have a choice of men.

There are other reasons why women want to be slim. Women are judged on their appearance much more than men. If a woman is fat, she will not likely be successful in other areas of life. Even if she is a lawyer or a doctor, she will have difficulty finding clients. Would you want as your medical doctor a fat lady?

As a man, I feel that women's need for thinness is exaggerated. The women whose photos appear in fashion magazines are too thin to be a suitable sex partner. I have fucked all kinds of women, from the very fat to the excessively skinny. I want a woman with a little meat on her, to give me some resistance when I push inside of her. However, I do not want a woman who is fat. Having sex with such woman is to me like climbing a mountain. I have to get over the hump and then the angle of my penis is too wide once inside of her to make for very satisfying sex.

In fact, most the of the fat women I have fucked was when I was trying to be nice to the lady, who so desperately wanted it. I was too polite to tell her that she was too fat to be fucked so, being the nice man that I am, I went ahead and fucked her.

However, a woman who is too skinny also does not provide satisfying sex either. A woman with whom I have children weighed only 67 pounds when I first met her. I had sex with her hundreds of times, but I felt like I was hitting into open air.
She no longer looks like this. She is now too fat to attract a man!

What I find interesting is the fact that the ideal weight to fuck a woman in my view happens to be around the weight that most women are now. If I walk down the street and I decide to pick out a woman who I believe would be good for fucking, not a beautiful woman but a woman who in my view is built for sex, I would probably chose a woman who is just about average weight. Since I happen to like short women, I would probably select one who is 5 feet 2 inches and weights 120 pounds. This is certainly not fat at all, but I will bet that this woman thinks she is too fat and is trying to lose weight.

Meanwhile, I happened to see my former girlfriend walking down the street the other day. She has put on a lot of weight since she moved out of my house. No doubt this is from not receiving the daily exercise I was giving her when I was fucking her several times a day. She can probably still find a man to fuck her, but only with great difficulty. I bet that she does not have seven men calling to ask her out in just one weekend, as she once did when she was living with me.

If she will come back to me, I promise to get her weight back down!

Sam Sloan

P.S. Unless I am truly desperate, I will never, ever fuck a woman who smokes. If I am putting the make on you, and you want to stop my advances, all you need do is to light up a cigarette!

UPDATE: Want to see some skinny girls? Take a look at the Miss USA Contestants

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