Learn to Talk Dirty in Japanese and English
by Eli Eshoh and Fukuyama Hiroaki

How to Talk Dirty in Japanese

How to Talk Dirty
in Japanese
and English
by Eli Eshoh
Hiroaki Fukuyama

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How to Talk Dirty in Japanese

E-Book (Adobe Reader)
Publisher: Orsden Press
ISBN: 1881373029
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
170 pages

Here is the Japanese version of this book.

Millions of Japanese tourists go to America every year. However, after studying English for years in school books, they find that when they arrive in America they cannot understand what is going on. The reason: Their teachers in Japan never taught them how to talk dirty in English.

This bi-lingual book fills this gap. Each page has an explanation of dirty words and expressions in English and the facing page has an explanation of the equivalent dirty words in Japanese.

Here is a sample:

Say you are in Japan and you are fucking your Japanese friend's wife. He breaks in and says to you:

Nani yatten' do yo

This means "What the fuck are you doing?"

Following this, he says:

Koko de nani yatten' da. Hayaku usero!

This means: "Get the fuck out of here."

However, his wife is a fine piece of ass and naturally you do not want to stop fucking her, so you say to him:

Oi! omae no kamisan to yatteiru tokoro da ga nanika monku akka.

This means: "Well, I'm going to keep right on fucking her, so what the fuck are you going to do about it?"

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This book was written by Hiroaki Fukuyama. Mr Fukyama doens't need any introduction to readers of my web sites. His iconoclastic writings have created a great deal of lively debate and discussion on this site. Here are some links: This book is now out in paperback form. Order now:

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