Amparo Muñoz: The Miss Universe who Became a Porn Star

I have often heard the story of the rustic but extremely beautiful young girl from rural Spain who slipped in through the cracks, somehow got into the Miss Universe contest, won first prize and then turned out to be a common prostitute who quickly dropped out.

Because of this incident and scandal, since then there has been careful monitoring of all the young women who get into major beauty contests.

Amparo Muñoz as she was when she won the Miss Universe title

Naturally, having an inquiring mind and with the resources of the Internet now available, I decided to check out this story last night. I found out that information about this subject was relatively hard to obtain. I learned from a Philippines web site of all places the name of the woman in question. I made a long search for photos. Finally, I found some. They were very hard to download, so I stole ‘em, and here they are.

What really surprised me is that she did not just drop out and disappear, the story I had always heard. Rather, she became a major film star in Spain. She has now starred in 22 Spanish language motion pictures, not counting the porn movies which she also made.

Spain's Amparo Muñoz won in 1974. She did not finish her reign, but became a soft porn star and made one movie in the Philippines where she was involved in a slapping incident and scandal involving money. Amparo Munoz is still a film star in Spain and starred in three 1996 movies, including: Lycantropus - The Full Moon Murders, and Familia, even though she is 43 years old! (She was born on 22 June 1954 in Málaga, Spain).

Please note: If you want to do an Internet search for Amparo Munoz you must also search for Amparo Muñoz, the way her name appears on all Spanish language web sites.

Here are the film credits of Amparo Munoz, plus some more of Amparo Munoz.
Amparo Muñoz
Amparo Muñoz as she soon appeared in pornographic motion pictures after she won Miss Universe