Even Sammy Sloan was a little boy once

One of the fantastic things about this web site is how old friends and relatives, people I had not heard of in 30 or 40 years, have seen my site and gotten in touch with me.

My best friend from third through fifth grade when I was 10 years old was named Murrell Selden. He found me on my web site and sent me these two pictures by e-mail. This was from the 1954-55 school year in my fifth grade class, which was taught by Miss Bass (who died shortly thereafter I am told.)
Murrell G. Selden is to the far left. Sammy Sloan is sitting behind and right of the boy holding the sign.

We were students at J. E. B. Stuart School on the North side of Richmond, Virginia. The school building is still there, but has been closed.

I am posting this in the hope that some of the people in the photographs will contact us.

Here is his letter:

Dear Sammy:

Got a bunch of old crap from my brother in Richmond, and guess what? I have a grammar school photo from 1954. Too two shots with my camcorder, and they are attached. In sammy1.jpg, I am the one on the far left. You are the one beside the boy with the sign saying room 14. I believe this was the last year you were at J. E. B. Stuart school. I also made sammy2.jpg, which shows you a bit better.

If you look and remember, you may recognize many of the children. I think that I recall more people from that class than any other ever. I see Dennis Lancelotti, Sydney Lockette, Bobby Anderson, Ralph Wade, Kay Blue, Sandra Townsend, Douglas Perrit (in the rear), Joan Crepes (the checkered dress, which I hated), Jane ?, Jeanne Schroeder (actually a distant cousin), Jimmy Woods, Barbara Campbell (who I loved), and others. Possibly the one next to the sign was Joe Valdriggi (I may be mistaken). I did not like him, as I felt he was a bully. Hope you like these JPG files.

Dear Sammy, Looked through some old stuff after going to the Chicago Auto Show today. Found our old class picture at J.E.B. Stuart, so I scanned it at high resolution. It is attached. Whatever happened to them all? I know what happened to some as of 1962:

(1)Robert Allen Andrews was living in Roanoke, Va (703-342-4172). He was a football player for University of Richmond. Probably graduated.

(2)Kay Ellen Blue, Richmond, Va (804-321-8736), B.S. VCU, taught English as a second language after traveling in Europe and Asia.

(3)Donna Duke, St. Stephens Church, Va, Smithdeal Massey Business College, Confidential Secretary to Postmaster.

(4)Dennis Ronald Lanzillotti, Mechanicsville, Va.(804-746-9068).

(5)Sydney Lockett, Ashland, Va.

(6)Mary Jane Manhattan, Chester, Va. (804-748-6344), Deli Clerk, Ukrop's.

(7)Ann Marston, Port Pierce, FL (407-461-6709), B.A. Madison College.

(8)Fred R. Morris, Hockessin, DE (302-=239-1303), B.Ch.E., Univ. of Va., M.Ch.E., Univ. Delaware (DuPont Project Engineer, China).

(9)Jeanie Schroeder, Hickory, N.C. (704-873-8793), B.S. Campbell Univ.

(10)Murrell Selden, Oak Park, IL(708-383-0020), B. S. Chemistry, William and Mary.

(11)Sharon Setzer, Snellville, GA (404-979-9217), Assoc. Degree - VCU. Teacher.

(12)Sandra Townsend, Hanover, VA (804-746-7779), she was Miss Richmond, married a cardiologist.

That is all I ever knew, except a few are dead now.

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