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The "At Last I Get the Recognition I Deserve Department": Something Clever.htm says, "Sam Sloan is my favorite nutjob on the internet. He's a little less prolific than he was in the past, but he still churns out nuggets of genius every couple of days.

More Fans of Sam: A Japan website has revealed that Sam Sloan has written the most incisive prose on whatever subject. It is near the very bottom of the page at:

In just two days, I received 200 hate letters and death threats because of the Something Awful website.

This led to another negative review at Sony's LiveJournal. (Sony is the name of a girl.)

And another one at

That in turn has been replicated on

See also: to escape.htm

I will have you know that I just made the Molecular Population Genetics Lab Internet Links!

I must admit that the reference is not entirely complimentary, but at least they spelled my name right.

My site has just been rated as the top site by Portal of Evil. This is not a favorable recommendation, but I take all visitors without regard to where they came from.

Thanks to the visitor who told me about this, because Portal of Evil did not tell me about this.

My web site has been cited in an article in Salon Magazine: REAL SUPERPOWER IN A GODLESS UNIVERSE | PAGE 1, 2.

I have discovered that the Cuban government website is linked to several of my web pages. See Juicio Cuba vs. EEUU Cuban Government Website! to ciastudy.htm and pigs-all.htm .

Here is a review of my web site: chess badasses volume two: Sam Sloan.

This website has made the Christian Science Monitor! Take a look: Christian Science Monitor: Today's Links - July 15, 1998.

Every now and then, my website makes it into the mainstream news media. Last year, this website got into the BBC World News and also the Spanish speaking world news because of my article about how Angel Francisco Breard of Paraguay was murdered by Governor James Gilmore of Virginia.

Also last year, CNN News used one of my photos which I had even forgotten that I had posted to illustrate a story about Dogs in Temples in Thailand. I got more than a thousand hits in one day on that page.

Here is a list of external links to my web site which have come to my attention.

As you will see, a wide variety of sites are linked to mine, ranging from church groups who like my children's Bible stories down to some very fringe sites who charge your credit card number and then give you a link to my photos of Daa and Lim:

If you find any links which I do not know about, please let me know.

First, here is the link by BBC World News to my web site: World: Americas: Paraguay angered by US execution BBC NEWS to va-kills.htm.

Here are more links (except for the first three alphabetically by source, not object):

Here are links:

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