Vietnam Veterans and Ming the Merciless

Dear Mr. Ming the Merciless,

In the first place, my ex-wife did not kidnap my daughter. My daughter was criminally kidnapped by members of Jerry Falwell's religious organization on October 7, 1990 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and brought to America. She was 8 years old at the time.

My ex-wife is a Muslim who lives in her native Pakistan. She knows nothing about Jerry Falwell and his religious group and had nothing to do with the kidnapping of our child.
Jerry Falwell squeezes the hand of Shamema Honzagool Sloan, daughter of Sam Sloan

The people who actually did kidnap my daughter are redneck hillbillies who carry guns, which is legal in Amherst County Virginia where they live.

I have just posted a recent picture of Jerry Falwell squeezing my daughter's hand at I obtained this picture less than one week ago.

As far as running and hiding is concerned, my address and telephone number are listed in the phone book, which is publicly available. However, be forewarned: I live in Brownsville, Brooklyn. White people do not come here (except for me).

As far as my being a coward is concerned, the people who kidnapped my daughter would like very much to kill me and have been trying for the longest time to figure out how to do that. One of their problems is that I live in Brownsville, Brooklyn and white people are not allowed to come here (except for me). They are all lily white.

As to your general claim that I am a coward, you may find it interesting to know that one of my uncles, Alden Jacobson, was one of the pilots who dropped the A-Bomb on Nakasaki. He is proud of it and he is still alive. Another of my uncles, Newell Jacobson, fought in the Battle of the Bulge as a liaison officer and was one of the few members of his group who survived that battle. Another of my uncles, Edward Sloan, was in the Marines and fought in the Invasion of Iwo Jima.

Just because I keep a safe distance from the kidnappers of my daughter, while taunting them through Internet postings, does not mean that I am a coward. I do what I am good at, which is reading and writing. On the other hand, the group which kidnapped my daughter is heavily armed. They know a lot about guns and military equipment. It is just that reading and writing is not their strong area.

You will not have to worry about them coming on to this newsgroup, because they are not smart enough to know how to do that.

Sam Sloan

On 25 Oct 1999 04:42:31 GMT, (Ming the Merciless) wrote:

Ming doubts if anyone would pretend to frighten you.

You are cordially invited to post your address if you feel an overwhelming need to assert yourself and prove you have hair on your chest.

Since you are a self-proclaimed coward, Ming seriously doubts you will impress many here with your "Me Iron John" fantasies though.

However, should you reside near Mongo City, Ming will attempt to make your paranoia justified (as a public service).

Your problem is if you hang around here you'll find your ego destroyed and that the concept of yourself as a "proud draft evader" to be built on a foundation of lies.

Best flee, as Jack N. said "You can't handle the truth!"

Sorry about your ex-wife taking your kid though.


On Mon, 25 Oct 1999 05:35:26 GMT, Dai Uy ( ) wrote:

I doubt that his daughter was kidnapped, a better guess is that she was taken by child protective services. He expects us to believe that he can't rescue her when she's publicly attending school in this country.

Your evaluation of his character is much more generous than mine.

-Dai Uy

You are mistaken. My daughter, Shamema, has never been allowed to attend public school in America.

Had she attended public school, I could easily have dropped by the school and gotten her back.

They know that, of course, and for that reason have kept her out of school ever since they kidnapped her at the age of 8.

Jerry Falwell's Bible Academy is not a recognized school. It is not accredited by any recognized educational organization. In fact, it is not even listed in the telephone book.

If you do not believe me, call directory information for Lynchburg, Virginia and ask for the number of Liberty Christian Academy. You will find that there is no such listing.

Sam Sloan

On Mon, 25 Oct 1999 15:10:49 GMT, (Phil) wrote:

At your next family reunion, ask your uncle Alden who Major Sweeney and Lt. Fred Olivi were. History has Sweeney as the command pilot for Bock's Car [B29 that hit Nagasaki], and Olivi as the copilot.

The rest of your stuff looks pretty freaky too. White people, Pakistan, Falwell. Does all of this relate to Waco or Wacko?

My uncle was not the pilot of the plane which dropped THE BOMB. My uncle was in one of the support aircraft. He was a pilot in the Air Force, but on this particular mission he was not the actual pilot of the airplane he was in. He says that he signed on for this mission because he needed to get in a few more combat flights to complete his tour of duty.

He says that the other members of his regular crew were unhappy that he did this, because they thought they should all stay together as a unit. By doing this, he would get to go home one flight earlier than the rest of his crew.

My uncle saw the A-BOMB go off. He saw the mushrom cloud go up. Later, he was stationed in Japan for several years and one of his sons was born there.

Sam Sloan

On Mon, 25 Oct 1999 16:33:25 -0700, in alt.war.vietnam "David Gorick" ( ) wrote:

Your uncles are not cowards and, if what you say is true, they can be proud of their service to this country. However, this does not prove that you are not a coward. Somehow their genes didn't make it to you. The rest of your story is so bizarre that I find it hard to believe. The only honkie in Brownsville. Imagine that. Your also wrong if you think someone couldn't take you out if they really wanted to. If you ever show your face in public you can be targeted. Hell, there's more than one person on this newsgroup alone who could do it. And we're getting old. A pro wouldn't have any trouble.


P.S. I think you've already pissed off Ming.

On Tue, 26 Oct 1999 01:25:24 GMT, in alt.war.vietnam Steven W. Smith ( ) wrote:

I say that we need to be a kinder, gentler newsgroup. So the guy's stupid...should we pass judgement? Yeah, I know, he's a coward too; and, OK, he's proud of evading the draft and all that...

But, by God, his uncle A-bombed Japan, so I say, "Sam, you're OK by me, buddy!"

Let's hear a big "S.F. Bro" for our man on the protest lines...our man, Sam! I say that we make him an honorary Vietnam Veteran! How about it?


On Tue, 26 Oct 1999 01:18:53 -0400 (EDT), in alt.war.vietnam wrote:

>[the kidnappers of my daughter are vastly more determined, more dangerous and more heavily armed than anybody in your group,]

Charles Edward Roberts

Surely you jest. A Baptist couple that deer hunts is more dangerous and heavily armed than a bunch of combat veterans ? Well Charles does look a little mean, but I bet Shelby kicks his ass regularly.

>[ and yet I have been fighting against them as best I can for the past nine years.]

I'm sure you have Sammy, but you don't have much to work with, do you? Why didn't you just go get her?

You knew where she was. Just lock and load, and go. Oh that's right, you missed your military training. Well some things just aren't worth fighting for, right Sam? As a father of 4, I can tell you I'd have gone after her 1st thing, and I wouldn't have come back empty handed. You can go across the world, sneak into Pakistan through Afghanistan, and back out, but you can't go to Lynchburg and get your kid. Something smells like shit here.

>[They know that, of course, and for that reason have kept her out of school ever since they kidnapped her at the age of 8.]

No, they sent her to Christian school.

[Jerry Falwell's Bible Academy is not a recognized school. It is not accredited by any recognized educational organization.]

Don't mean nothing, it's legal. Parochial and private schooled students average 15% higher on their SAT's. Homeschooled average17% higher. So much for your "recognized" organizations (NEA)

Live free or die ! Don't tread on me ! The cost of freedom is eternal vigilance.

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