Second Letter From Henry Barskie Re: More About Dorchen Leidholdt and Other Kidnappers of Children

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Date: Sat, 18 Oct 1997 13:13:28 -0400
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Call Boulder Colorado information and get the phone number for the American Humane Association and request a copy of their 1994 annual report.

Get P.L. 102-322 sections 1 through 9 US Statutes and read them thoroughly.

Get a copy of the pending legislative bill regarding Victim's Rights that is now pending in the US Congress from any congressional office. It is boilerplate from the Omnibus Crime Bill Act of 1994.

You might also try contacting the Corpus Christi Institute for their annual reports ( Hillary was on their board of directors in 1974).

Read the United Nations International Declaration of the Bill of Rights which explains disarmament," emergency situations" ... This bill serves as the template for the Omnibus Crime Bill Act which was adopted in NY State in September of 1994. The Bill of Rights should be in any federal depository library in the section concerning UN Resolutions. Your linkage goes to the UN Commission on the Status of Women which serves as a model for every US state organization(s).

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