Fanne Foxe, who brought down Wilbur Mills, the most powerful man in the US Congress

Wilbur Mills, as Chairman of there House Ways and Means Committee, controlled all financial spending by the US Government.

Not a dime in the government's money could be spent without approval by Mills, until it became known that he was involved with a stripper.

Mills is now dead. Fanne Fox still strips.

ANNABELLE BATTISTELLA: Better known as "Fanne Foxe, The Argentine Firecracker"; Battistella leaped from Arkansas Rep. Wilbur Mills' limo one night in 1974 and ran into the Tidal Basin in Washington. The alcoholic Mills was eventually forced to check into a rehab center. He retired in 1976, and died in 1992. Battistella kept performing, often under the name "The Tidal Basin Bombshell"; and wrote the "The Stripper and the Congressman"; but tried to commit suicide in 1976. She is believed to be in Argentina.

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