JonBenet Ramsey ransom note

Mr. Ramsey,

Listen Carefully! We are a group of individuals that represent a small foreign faction. We respect your bussines, but not the country that it serves. At this time, we have your daughter in our possession. She is safe and unharmed and if you want her to see 1997, you must follow our instructions to the letter.

You will withdraw $118,000.00 from your account. $100,000 will be in $100 bills and the remaining $18,000 in $20 bills. Make sure that you bring an adequate size attaché to the bank. When you get home you will put the money in a brown paper bag. I will call you between 8 and 10 am tomorrow to instruct you on delivery. The delivery will be exhausting so I advise you to be rested. If we monitor you getting the money early we might call you early to arrange an earlier delivery of the money and hence a earlier pickup of your daughter.
JonBenét Ramsey

Any deviation of my instructions will result in the immediate execution of your daughter. You will also be denied her remains for a proper burial. The two gentlemen watching over your daughter do not particularly like you so I advise you not to provoke them.

Speaking to anyone about your situation, such as Police, F.B.I., etc., will result in your daughter being beheaded. If we catch you talking to a stray dog, she dies. If you alert bank authorities, she dies. If the money is in way marked or tampered with, she dies. You will be scanned for electronic devices and if any are found, she dies. You can try to deceive us, but be warned we are familiar with law enforcement countermeasures and tactics. You stand a 99% chance of killing your daughter if you try to outsmart us. Follow our instructions and you stand a 100% chance of getting her back. You and your family are under constant scrutiny, as well as the authorities. Don't try to grow a brain John. You are not the only fat cat around so don't think that killing will be difficult. Don't underestimate us, John. Use that good, Southern common sense of yours. It's up to you now John!



As any kid can figure out, this "ransom note" is obviously fake.

It is also so obvious who must have written this note that further comments are unnecessary and inappropriate.

I have corrected several errors which are to be found in other published renditions of this note. Most of the corrections are minor, such as a missing comma, but several words and, in one case, an entire sentence was left out in most publications.

Observe that the writer of this note did not make any spelling mistakes, with the exception of the obviously deliberate misspelling of “bussines”. So much for the "small foreign faction." Even the word attaché is spelled correctly with a '.

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