Filipina Missing for the Last Eight Years

For the last eight years, a young woman from the Philippines has been missing. The last time I saw her, she was pregnant with our child.

Her name is Linda M. Duavis. She was born in 1968. She is from Buenavista, Bohol. She has nine brothers and sisters, so it should be possible to locate at least one of them.

Her disappearance was caused by Fortunato D. Oblena, who at that time was the Philippines Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates. In late 1989, Oblena had her detained and locked up in his "consular custody" in Abu Dhabi. Ever her cousin and her closest friends were not allowed to contact her.
Linda Duavis with Michael and Jessica Sloan

That was nine years ago. She must have gotten out by now, assuming that she survived this ordeal. Yet, people who knew her say that she never emerged again.

Searches for her have been conducted several times in the past. Nobody has ever found her. It is time to look again.

One person who knows for sure what happened to her is Fortunato D. Oblena. However, he is not talking. Perhaps he has killed her and buried her out in the Arabian desert somewhere.

Another person who would know is Donato Felicito, who was the Consul General from the Philippines to the United Arab Emirates at the time. He tried to intercede in behalf of this unfortunate young woman and get her released, but Oblena refused to agree.

Anybody working in the Philippines Embassy in Abu Dhabi in 1990-1991 would know about her, because her's was a famous case.

She wrote me two letters in 1991, giving the PO Box of The Philippines Embassy in Abu Dhabi as her address (P.O. Box 3215). I was then in America. I never heard from her again.

There are three possibilities. (1) She is still in the UAE (2) She returned to the Philippines but did not contact her old friends (3) She is dead.

The last is clearly possible. She had health problems and was hospitalized at least twice. Also, the Philippine Ambassador, while keeping her in his personal custody, was not willing to pay for her medical treatments.

Here are her last known addresses, which were also the addresses of her friends and relatives in the Philippines:

Linda M. Duavis
65 Pasillo G. Proprietarios St.
Cartimar Fruit Center
Pasay City
Metro Manila

Linda M. Duavis
459 Letran St.
Metro Manila, Philippines

Linda M. Duavis
Reclamation Area
Alma I, Area 4
Metro Manila, Philippines

Any help in finding or in finding out what happened to Linda M. Duavis would be appreciated

Sam Sloan

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