Nic Leobold defends Sam Sloan from attacks by Albert Dedicke

This is ridiculous. Sam is ten times the libertarian that Scott Jeffrey is, and you are arguing that he is wasting our time? I for one am happy Sam is in our Party, and I seriously wonder how many of you (if any) have fought harder than him to stand up for our rights. I have personally seen Sam in court, studied his website, and met some of his family. He is the real deal. He has argued and won a case before the Supreme Court and defeated the SEC, and he has fought every step of his life to stand up for freedom. I'd like to see what the rest of you have done.

It is possible, though unclear, that Sam may have improperly applied for a position on the ballot as a Libertarian. However, Albert Dedicke's BOE objection was a bad mistake. Sam should have been taken aside and admonished, maybe, but this official action was uncalled for and self-destructive on the part of the NYLP.
Nic Leobold
Nic Leobold

It's clear to me that some of you simply don't like Sam personally, and this whole episode has been a personal attack. In this way you are acting very much like the Democrats and Republicans, but especially the Democrats.

You give Libertarians a bad name. You have followed "Party Rules" but deprived Sam of his rights. This is contemptible.

Nic Leobold

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