Another of these Fake Letters from Honzagool

From: Honzagool
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 00:57:58 EDT
To: Sloan@Ishipress.Com
Subject: When I'm 64

Will you still love
Will you still need me
When I'm 64
Not 69.........I didn't care for that when we were married!
I can be happy singing a tune

The Real Honzagool

tending the goats for now
Sending out valentines........
Eid greetings, bottles of homemade wine...
As I get older
I'm thinking of you
Am I just a fool?
Will you still need me.
Will you still feed me.
When I'm 64.
New hit in Kohistan! On the Nuristan Top 40!
Please send me my 20 rupees child support Ismail, or I will have the Mad Mullah prosecute you!

PS: This is not a phony letter. We do have Internet access at the tourist chai house. They sell access, charas and chai here for 5 rupees a minute.......

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