Free John Lindh

This is an unpopular cause, but a cause with which I am sure that many privately agree, which is that John Walker Lindh, who was found fighting for the Taliban in Afghanistan, is not remotely guilty of any federal crime and the US Courts have no authority or jurisdiction to try him.

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Several days after aerial bombardment by US warplanes which was thought to have killed everyone inside a prison in Afghanistan, John Walker Lindh crawled alive out of a hole in the ground, along with several Afghans who somehow had survived the bombing. Within a few days, the surviving Afghans all were killed by US Allies, so John Walker Lindh remains the only living witness to what really happened.
John Walker
John Walker Lindh

Out of desire to seek revenge for the attack on the World Trade Center, John Walker Lindh has been brought to stand trial in Alexandria, Virginia. However, anybody can see that the charges against him are vacuous and without legal basis.

For example, Lindh has been charged with "Conspiracy to kill Americans". It is well known that the American military attacked Afghanistan. Lindh was already in Afghanistan months before the US attacked. What was Lindh supposed to do? How could Lindh have either prevented or facilitated the US attacks?

Lindh is also charged with fighting against an ally of America. This is a very strange charge. Ferdinand Marcos, dictator of the Philippines, was an ally of America. Should anybody who fought against Marcos be extradited from the Philippines to stand trial in America? Uncle Joe Stalin was an ally of America during the Second World War. Should former Soviet dissidents who opposed Stalin be extradited to America and held to stand trial on a charge fighting against an ally of America?

Lindh is also charged with knowing that Osama bin Laden planned an attack on America. However, last summer, Osama bin Laden went on world wide TV and proclaimed that he was planning a huge attack on America. Most Americans saw or heard about that broadcast. Does that mean that all of us are guilty of the crime of "knowing that Osama bin Laden planned an attack on America"?

Finally, John Walker Lindh is being charged with being present during the prison uprising in which CIA Agent Mike Spann was killed. There is evidence to indicate that the prisoners were tied up and were bring tortured by the CIA and that is the reason why the prisoners revolted. There is no evidence whatever that John Walker Lindh participated in this prison revolt. To the contrary, the evidence shows that it was at this time that John Walker Lindh crawled down into his hole in the ground and that is the reason why he alone is still alive, whereas all of the other prisoners are now dead.

Taken as a whole, the evidence clearly shows that John Walker Lindh was doing the best he could to save his own life and indeed if he had done anything differently he would not be alive today. Nevertheless, a Kangaroo Court has been set up in Alexandria Virginia, a jurisdiction known for crooked and dishonest judges and for kidnapping children, to try him for crimes which do not exist.

Americans have forgotten the meaning of the term "Due Process of Law". There is no due process of law which enables John Walker Lindh to be arrested, held, charged and tried for anything. The actions of the US Government are disgraceful. An innocent man who wanted only to save his own life is being held to cover up for the US Government's own failures and inadequacies.

John Walker Lindh should be set free today!!

Sam Sloan

John Walker
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