Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, wants to prove that she is a big girl now

I don't blame her. Does any girl want to be 13 years old for the rest of her life? Doesn't every girl want to show that she is a big girl now and that she can do what big girls do?

The truth is that the magazine photos did not meet expectations. The cover of the current issue of Maxim magazine for men says "SABRINA your favorite witch without a stitch".

But, it isn't true. The photography is beautiful and Sabrina is beautiful too, but she is tastefully clad in a full sized bikini, not even a skimpy bikini. She would not even dare wear that on a public beach, when all the other girls would be wearing less.
Sabrina makes the cover of Maxim magazine

Sorry guys, no spread open you-know-what shots from Sabrina. She spreads open one time, but even then keeps a sheet between her legs. The dialog is titillating but tame. Here is an example:

The interview starts off: (Maxim magazine, page 168):

"College kids watch it and play drinking games before they go out on Friday night."

Question: "What's your favorite Sabrina drinking game."

Answer: "When ever the cat talks, take a shot. And that's quite often - you can be pretty wasted after half an hour!"

Masterful. Titillating. Gets you excited, without really saying anything. You have this picture in your mind. Here is what the college kids do: A bunch of guys and girls get together. They drink. When the cat talks, the next girl gets it. She gets f----- by the next guy, right there on the floor. And, that's quite often. They watch. Then, they drink some more and they f--- some more.

You want her to say that, but she doesn't. She says just enough to arouse your interest and get your hard on, but then never quite comes across. She changes the subject.

Nevertheless, the photo spreads in Maxim and Bikini magazines have made the national news, because the owner of the Sabrina name, Archie Comic Books, has threatened to fire her as a result. I think they will not dare. This will just make her even more famous. I never watch TV and had never even heard of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, until this controversy appeared in the newspapers.

By the way, she does not like to be called Sabrina. She has a name: Melissa Joan Hart. In Bikini magazine, page 81, she reveals that she threw a bottle of water in the face of boxing champion Oscar De La Hoya when he called her "Sabrina".

Sam Sloan

Do you know from history who Melissa was, what Melissa did to make herself famous, and why so many mothers want to name their daughter Melissa?

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