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From Sat Dec 14 08:58:24 1996
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From: (Zaman)
Date: 14 Dec 1996 16:58:24 GMT

bismi'Llah w'as salamu `ala rasooli'Llahi'l kareem

as salamu `ala man atabaa` al Hudaa wa raHmatu'LLahee wa barakatuhu

Dear Readers and Mr. Sloan,

I have just had the privilege (?) of seeing Mr. Sloan's homepage. He has no understanding of the religion of Islam. Though the "mullahs" of Iran can at times (more than often) be jokers and idiots, I really don't think they would even teach Mr. Sloan the type of "Islam" he is practicing. He openly displays pictures of his wives without proper hijab if even at all. This man is clean shaven and is a chess fan. For men to have beards is a STRONG tradition in Islam and a sign of progress of one's iman (though not compulsory). Chess is a sport forbidden utterly in Islam as it is NOT a weaning of the strategic senses as many assert but a way in which to waste time en masse. Before enjoining the tantamount responsibility of having more than one wife, Mr. Sloan should have tried kicking the habit of chess and growing a beard first.

As much as a weak Muslim Mr. Sloan seems to be the fact remains that his daughter, a Muslimah, is being raised by kufar. Now I must ask WHY Mr. Sloan didn't just say "I am a Muslim, my wife has wrongly been taken away from me, my daughter was abducted by kufar .. please help me." However, he did not. Instead he wrote novels about how well people in Chitral know him and in response people made satire of his posts commenting only on feminism and chauvinism (far from the point he intended). Had he, indeed, written the basic sentence which I suggested he would have had support from all over the world and I know this for a fact and I know the people who could get his wife and daughter back in the snap of a finger. However, would he be telling the truth if he posted the sentence which I suggested? Is he a Muslim or does he espouse Islam to marry multiple women from indigent countries? Was his wife indeed forcefully taken from him or did her family revoke the marriage based on the fact that they didn't know he was of a different sect than them (note: the royal family of Chitral is Sunni)? Was his daughter kidnapped or did he lose custody of her to the state due to his having many wives which is illegal in the United States of America?

I, personally, don't care about Mr. Sloan's iman at this point. I do worry about his daughter. Though it is sad that he lost his wife at least she is married to a Muslim and living as a Muslim in a (nominally at least) Muslim country. We don't judge anything in this world by our own personal desires, emotions, or opinions. We only judge things fee sabeeli'Llah (meaning for Allah's sake). Judging the situation of his wife, from a glance I can see that at least she is a Muslimah, al Hamdu li'Llah, and maybe living with better Muslims in a better Muslim environment, w'Allahu A`lam (Allah knows).

However, we can't say the same for his daughter. Now I am very angry as I am writing this post. Angry at Mr. Sloan. He boasts that he has ties with Afghan mujahideen, yet, his daughter is kidnapped by Christians and all he is doing is writing on the internet and making frivolous home pages. This makes me very angry. I would advise everyone to chastise Mr. Sloan verbally in every forum and in the media to LEARN Islam before marrying many women. Islam has STRONG strings attached to the permission to marry more than one wife. Multiple marriages is a PERMISSION in Islam, NOT something encouraged! You are also allowed to eat a breed of desert lizard in Islam, but the Prophet (s) expressed to Khalid ibn Walid (r) his hatred for eating such a vile thing while still permitting it [SaHeeH al Bukhari]. Just because something is allowed in Islam it does NOT mean you should go do that thing. I would personally like to see Mr. Sloan devour a broiled large Iguana type lizard. He would not.

Due to Mr. Sloan's poor exemplitude of Islam, Christian missionaries can brag how they saved a helpless girl from being raised by a monster. The fact remains, Mr. Sloan, that you are a poor example of a Muslim and whatever blemishes you may have in your character those missionaries will blame on Islam. We all need to improve, but you have made a laughing stock of us all. Allah is punishing you left and right by taking the WOMEN of your family and placing them in the hands of strangers, yet, you don't get the clue. I don't care what the "mullahs" in Iran or the jails of Afghanistan taught you, but you have a thing or two to learn about our religion, Islam. I would also like you to know that many of the "mullahs" in Afghanistan ended up being agents of western nations and at least in one instance an Anglo trained in Farsi and Pashto to pose as an Afghan religious man. How could you name your daughter, Anusha, after a pagan deity? How could you post your wives on the internet for all the freaks of the world to see? How could you sit and make homepages and post on newsgroups while MY SISTER (and the sister of ALL MUSLIMS!), Shamema, is being taught how to commit shirk, the highest sin in Islam? How dare you punish others due to your stupidity? Allah yehdeek, w'Allahumaghfer lak! ameen .. (may Allah guide you and may he forgive you).

In spite of all this, I am willing to do what I can to help you, inshaa' Allah. I encourage everyone to find out more and the TRUTH behind Shamema's situation by contacting the authorities in Virginia. Keep in mind that they will lie but we all know how to sift through the "bull". As Muslims we should do what we can to make sure that our sister is not raised to pray to a man who will cry on the day of judgment that people mistook him for a god. We must do whatever we can *NOT* to help Mr. Sloan, but to help his daughter from being raised as an idol worshipper. Are we so selfish that we are content that we alone horde the gift of Islam?

Someone else is robbed of it and we don't care? Are we that selfish? If we are then Allah will remove this gift from our offspring as he has done to Mr. Sloan, na`otho bi'Llah (MAY ALLAH FORBID THIS!).

I would like to remind everyone of the story of a Caliph named al Mu`tasim. Once a Muslim woman was being teased by Jews in the Jewish quarter of what was then Byzantium bordering the Muslim empire. The Jews plucked off her hijab and mocked her in a most ignoble manner. She then wrote to the Caliph addressing him in her letter, "ya Mu`tesemah!" (his name in the form of an emotional plea, in the Arabic language) and told him of what had happened. The Caliph Mutasem wrote to the Roman Emperor of Byzantium:

"Ya kalb ar Rum! (Oh you Roman dog!) I have an army of men which stretches from where I stand (Baghdad) to where you stand (Constantinople) who love to fight and die as much as your men love to live."

This was the honor that Muslims once had, which inshaa' Allah we will have once again. One of our sisters was mocked in the market and the Muslim ruler was willing to invade an entire country for it. May Allah give us leaders with that kind of valor once more...ameen...

I live by these standards even if Mr. Sloan does not and if he doesn't I recommend he does before he has to stand before Allah and answer as to why he lost his daughter to shirk while he was on the internet.

w'as salamu `ala man atabaa` al Hudaa wa raHmatu'Llahee wa barakatuhu


This posting is in partial reply to a letter written by Ismail Sloan to Zaman. For that letter, see: Reply to Zaman .

For a fairly recent (1994) photo of the daughter of Ismail Sloan who is being held by a Christian kafir group, see: Shamema Honzagool Sloan .

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