Queen Victoria and the Lynchburg Story

I realize that I should just ignore this, but it bothers me that at least two members of this group have written that I just copied what I wrote from some book that was first published in 1995.

In the first place, the idea was by no means something that I thought of. It was a common subject of discussion around my house when I was a child.

My mother, Dr. Marjorie Sloan, was a child psychiatrist. She was interested in the subject of inbreeding and its genetic consequences. That may be related to the reason why my mother moved to Lynchburg, Virginia in 1953, because Lynchburg was the home of the "Virginia Colony" as it was called at the time. It was later renamed the "Lynchburg Training School and Hospital". My mother was a doctor on the staff of that hospital, although her main job was not there but was as Psychiatrist-Director of the Lynchburg Guidance Center, a public mental health clinic.

My mother had studied the cases of the Jukes and the Kallikaks. These were families who lived in the border area of the mountains of Southwestern Virginia and Tennessee. They were deeply inbred. They were mentally retarded and had a characteristic deformity in their hands.

There were books written about them. I just checked Amazon Books and I can find nothing on them, but my mother had books about them in our house. This was within her area of specialization.

The case of Queen Victoria was well known. My mother often talked about this. It was a common but mistaken perception that hemophilia in the British Royal Family was the result of inbreeding. I can state that in the early 1950s, I knew about hemophilia, that it was transmitted genetically and that the British Royal Family had it. I did not learn about it by reading some book published in 1995.

My mother's association with this issue had tragic consequences. The "Virginia Colony" where my mother worked part-time became notorious because of its practice of sterilizing mentally retarded inmates. The idea of sterilizing the mentally retarded would seem uncontroversial, until one considers that blue-eyed mentally retarded people were not sterilized but that brown-eyed and somewhat darker skinned people were sterilized. Not long ago, there was a documentary on PBS entitled "The Lynchburg Story". The reason this became a big story was that Adolph Hitler got the idea to sterilize people with undesirable racial characteristics from Lynchburg, Virginia. In Lynchburg, sterilization of undesirables was a common practice going back to at least 1910. Adolph Hitler decided that this was a wonderful idea, so he did it too.

"Why did this have tragic consequences?", you ask. The reason is that the Virginia Colony is not exactly in Lynchburg. It is just across the river in Madison Heights, which is in Amherst County. In that county, just about two miles from the Lynchburg Colony, lives a man who is not mentally retarded but is well below average intelligence. I suspect that his family history may involve the Lynchburg Colony because, while most inmates in the Colony are severely retarded vegetable cases of people with IQs in the 20s or 30s, there are some patients there who are able to live in the surrounding community. I suspect that this is how Charles Roberts or his family members came to live near the Lynchburg Colony.

On October 9, 1990, Charles Roberts kidnapped my daughter, Shamema Honzagool Sloan, who was eight years old at the time. Charles Roberts should obviously have been arrested on the spot and my daughter returned to me, but remember that Charles Roberts lived in the same county where the involuntary sterilization of mentally retarded people was commonplace. Remember also that mentally retarded people do have constitutional rights in spite of being retarded. Also, the question of who is mentally retarded is subjective and invariably the decision maker will decide to sterilize members of a group other than his own.

So, the practice of involuntary sterilization was commonplace in Amherst County, Virginia whereas it is viewed with horror by the civilized world. Every time a mentally retarded person is involuntarily sterilized at the Lynchburg Colony, a Judge of Amherst County must sign the order. The criminal judges who in the past had approved these involuntary sterilizations also approved of the kidnapping of my daughter Shamema by Charles Roberts.

But, they did not stop there. A hard-core criminal named Michael Gamble who had originally instituted litigation against my mother in a case entitled Sloan vs. Sloan filed in the Lynchburg Circuit Court in 1988, then got appointed as Amherst County Judge. He ordered that my mother's house at 917 Old Trent's Ferry Road in Lynchburg be confiscated. In 1994, Judge Gamble ordered that all of the contents of my mother's house, including all of my mother's personal books, files, records, writings and notes, "be deposited in a suitable waste disposal site". I filed for bankruptcy in a desperate effort to save my mother's writings from being destroyed. I was able to rescue a few items including an old suitcase of family photos dating back to 1863 which form the core basis for my website, but I could only carry so much and the rest of my mother's personal property was destroyed by order of Judge Gamble.

My daughter recently escaped after being held for ten years by Charles Roberts. I have learned to my great surprise that Charles Roberts brought my daughter over, who was then 12, and they picked through my mother's items. My daughter was able to find and rescue a photo of her own mother, Honzagool, which would otherwise have been destroyed by order of Judge Michael Gamble.

Judge Gamble, the criminal who was involved in the kidnapping of both my mother and my daughter, had my mother's house sold for $75,000, which was less than half of the free market value of the house, and then had all the money given to a lawyer who was friends with Judge Gamble. That lawyer, Cecil Taylor, has since died. The money has disappeared and neither my mother nor any other family member ever got a penny. In 1990, my mother had been kidnapped by the same criminal gang who had kidnapped my daughter. My mother has been locked up in Aiken, South Carolina ever since and was not allowed to come to Virginia to defend this suit. My mother is still alive, at age 91.

Among the documents and records of my mother which Judge Gamble ordered to be destroyed were patient records. My mother had more than ten thousand mentally ill and mentally retarded patients during the years she worked in the Lynchburg, Madison Heights area. She guarded these records carefully and nobody was allowed to see them. She may have had enough to put all of the Amherst County Judges in jail. This may explain why Judge Gamble was so anxious to have all of my mother's personal records destroyed.

I know for a fact that my mother had a lot on Jerry Falwell. One of the first people my mother met when she came to Lynchburg in 1953 was Jerry Falwell. Many followers of the Falwell Ministry were mentally ill and mentally retarded people who were psychiatric patients of my mother. My mother often praised Jerry Falwell, because she said that Falwell was good in dealing with and helping alcoholics. However, my mother also said that Falwell people were dangerous. My mother many times strongly warned me not to have anything to do with Charles Roberts, who was a Falwellite whom I first met in 1975. My mother often spoke of how dangerous that man was. This was years before Charles Roberts kidnapped my daughter. Unfortunately, I did not listen to my mother.

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