Photo of Rape Victims?

Here is a photo of four women who say that they were all raped by the same man.

The problem which these women and so many like them face is that the incidence of false accusations of rape is rising. Some women are showing an increased tendency to make an accusation of rape to gain revenge on a jilted or rejected lover or boyfriend or even husband.

The jails and prisons are now filled with men who have been falsely accused of rape, child abuse, spousal abuse and so on. Almost all of these convictions depend entirely upon the testimony of one woman. Usually there are no other witnesses and no other evidence.

This is not a new problem. The Book of Genesis 39:15 of the Bible tells how Joseph was sent to prison on a false charge of attempted rape brought by Potiphar's wife. Or perhaps Joseph was really guilty? How do we know who was telling the truth?

Here is someone who says: It is absolutely impossible to rape a woman!

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