Sam Sloan's Stock Market Forecast

In my younger days, I used to be called "The Great Sam Sloan". (I am not kidding. They really used to call me that.)

At the age of 25, I owned my own securities trading firm. I did what Ivan Boesky did before Ivan Boesky did it. I did what Michael Milkin did before Michael Milkin did it. (Don't believe me? Ask any old-timer.)

I also got enjoined by the SEC before either Boesky or Milkin went to jail. This is why my name is permanently inscribed on the official SEC shit list. (They really publish such a list. Ask your broker.)

Still, my stock market predictions were almost always right. They had to be right, for me to survive as a trader.

Now, with the latest crash, people are asking for my advice again. Here is my forecast:

There will be a minor correction in the stock market. The Dow Jones Industrial Average will drop briefly to 2000, where, according to fundamental values, it belongs.

However, then there will be a great upsurge in the market. The Dow will rise all the way up to 3000.

Therefore, the easy way to make money is: Do not meet any margin calls. Wait until the Dow crosses 2000, and then buy all you can. It will rise to 3000, and you will have an immediate profit of 50%.

The current crash was caused by the economic collapse in Thailand. The Thai girls had raised their prices too high, pricing themselves out of the market. This slowed the flow of tourism to a trickle, bringing about the devaluation of the baht.

When the baht went down, there was a domino effect. All the other currencies of the Pacific Rim went down too, and this caused the stock market to crash worldwide.

However, with the devaluation of the baht, the girls on Patpong Road are now relatively cheap. This will cause enthusiasm for them to harden. They will be able to get it up again in Thailand, and the other economies will recover as well.

That is what will bring the Dow Jones Industrial Average back up to 3,000.

See if this doesn't happen!

Sam Sloan

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