Playboy Bunny makes deal with New York Foster Mother

In a decision sure to generate great controversy, former Playboy Bunny trainee Kimba Wood ruled Friday that a foster mother has some constitutional rights.

While this decision may seem obvious, it is not. Parents of children placed in foster care often hope to get their children back some day. Usually, when they have completed an approved plan, the children may be returned.

Kimba Wood became a federal judge after she could not make it as a Playboy bunny.

However, if the foster parents have any constitutional rights at all, they can sue for custody and block the return of the child to the natural parents.

Although Judge Wood limited the scope of her decision to those children whose parents have had their parental rights terminated, once the door is open a crack, havoc can result. Where is the line to be drawn?

I expect Judge Wood's decision to be overturned.

Sam Sloan

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