One Million Offered for Keiko the Killer Whale

Matsu No Zushi Restaurant has offered to buy Keiko, the Killer Whale, for one million dollars. Keiko is best known for "Free Willy" fame.

The Matsu No Zushi Restaurant is in Chigasaki, Japan, and is located near Kagawa Station on the Sagami Line.

Keiko's movie acting career is over. He is too old. His original home of Iceland refuses to accept him back. Keiko is also expensive to feed and maintain. Keiko may go the same way as many champion race horses. He will make some nice Kujira in Japan.

Here is a photo of Keiko.

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Latest News: Keiko Makes It Clear: His 'Free Willy' Was Just a Role.

Keiko cannot be freed because he cannot catch fish: FREED 'WILLY' COULD BE LIKE A FISH OUT OF WATER

'Free Willy' whale gets ready to go home to Iceland.

UPDATE: Keiko the Killer Whale has died in Norway.

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