Star Magazine "breaks" old Story about Clinton’s Black Baby

A report is now appearing on the cover of Star Magazine which has been on this web site for one year about President Clinton’s “black baby”.

This report has been around for years. Always, it is said that the mother and the child and everyone else connected with the story are in hiding. Until they produce a living, breathing human being, I will not believe it.
Cover of Star Magazine

Cover of New York Post for Sunday, January 3, 1999

The Matt Drudge Report has also characterized this as a "breaking" news story.

Even if the story turns out to be completely true, I do not see the story here. Many men have had sex with a woman. Clinton will not have been the first. As the old saying goes, “Even my mother once had sex with a man”. Also, the woman in question, if she exists, clearly never worked in the White House, as this allegedly happened years before Clinton became president.

Thirty years ago, I met a hippie chick in the East Village who said that she had once worked briefly as a prostitute in Washington DC and had sexual intercourse with Hubert Humphery, who later became a candidate for president. I fully believed her story and I did not like Humphery, but I could not see what use such a story could be.

Her story has ever since affected by opinion of Humphery, by the way.

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