Clinton's negro whoremongering brought him son that he hides

Article published in "American Times Today"

Jew money and their news media played the key role in having Bill Clinton elected president. They are also trying desperately to keep the lid on the sexual activities of Clinton.

Numerous women have come forward concerning the love affairs of the president who fathered a son by a negro prostitute named Bobby Ann Williams.


Danny Williams
Alleged to be the son of President Clinton

Bobbie Ann Williams
Claims to be the mother of President Clinton's Negro son

Bobby Ann Williams was a well known Little Rock prostitute who then worked out of an apartment in close proximity to the red light and drug neighborhood of Main Street and 17th Street. Bobby Ann Williams first met Bill Clinton one day as he was jogging.

Clinton stopped to talk to her and three days later he came back and picked Bobbie Ann up and she says he paid her $200 for oral sex.

Three weeks later, Clinton returned and Bobby Ann had two other negro prostitutes with her. Clinton offered them $400 each if they would join him in an orgy.

He came that night in a roomy white car driven by Arkansas State Trooper Buddy Young who was Bill Clinton's regular driver. The three negro prostitutes climbed into the back seat and Clinton poured them all a drink of whiskey. They proceeded to be driven out of town and ended up in a small house in a wooden area which was Clinton's mother's home which he used when she was out of town. The driver remained outside but Clinton and the negro whores went inside where he took off his clothes and jumped into bed with the negro whores. "When it was over, he gave us each a tip of $50," said Bobby Ann Williams.

Williams gave this story to Bob Boyd and Ken Harrell, both investigative reporters. They hired an expert lie detector giver who said Williams passed every question asked concerning Clinton being the father of her illegitimate child. Clinton's neighbors said that Clinton often brought "friends" over to his mother's house when she was out of town.

Williams said she had sex with Clinton about 13 times and then she became pregnant. Several reporters questioned her sister Lucille Bolton and their grandmother. Both agreed without a doubt that the child was Clinton's.

"He was White. That's when I started believing my sister. As Danny grew older, he started to look more and more like the governor. Danny is Clinton's boy."

Bolton took a lie detector test and passed it concerning her statements. What all this adds up to is that Clinton has an abnormal interest in negro women.

Betsey Wright, Clinton's secretary, says that 28 women have claimed that "Slick Willie" has had sex with them. Most of them were paid money. Bobby Ann Williams and her son Danny have disappeared and could be victims of foul play.

Clinton's nose, chin and cheeks can be seen in his son Danny at right. Danny, at age 7, is Clinton's son. Notice his features as he looks exactly like his dad.

Here is a link: Clinton's Black Baby?

I have receive a lot of criticism and even hate mail for posting the above article. Please understand: I did not write this, nor do I agree with it. I simply posted a noteworthy article somebody else wrote. For more articles similar to the one above, see: American Times Today home page

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UPDATE: This story, which has been on my website for the past year, is just now appearing in Star Magazine.

December 28, 1998 Stephanopoulos Used Threat to Stifle Clinton Son Story

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