Japanese chess champion admits on National TV to receiving blowjobs from shogi female champion

The morning programs on Japanese television focus for a large part on gossip and scandals. It is rare that shogi appears in these programs, but this morning Nakahara (Eisei 10-dan), one of shogi's icons, was featured prominently in these programs. The reason: his relation with Hayashiba Naoko, who is a former Ladies Meijin and retired from shogi three years ago. Nakahara, a married man, is said to have had a five year relationship with Hayashiba. Nakahara has not denied this, saying that he "went out and had a drink with Hayashiba a couple of times". In a Japanese gossip magazine, it is also written that Hayashiba had an abortion after becoming pregnant with Nakahara's child.

Hayashiba Naoko


However, there is clear evidence that Nakahara, after Hayashiba ended the relationship, has harrassed her with phone calls in the middle of the night. These tapes were played in the morning news programs. He admitted to making the phonecalls, adding that he was drunk and did not think straight. It was also said that Nakahara has threatened Hayashiba several times in the past when she wanted to end the relationship. Strangely enough, he seemed to have threatened to go to the press, which would be much more damaging for him than it would be for Hayashiba.

ERROR CORRECTION: Above is a photo of Shimizu Ichio with Naito Kunio. It is not a photo of Hayashiba Naoko with Nakahara

In the end, it seemed like Hayashiba's new boyfriend was so fed up with the situation that he convinced her to go to the press with the tapes and tell her story. I am not sure how this will develop, but this is damaging for Nakahara, who is one of shogi's greatest.

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