FBI Identifies Missing California Girl

By The Associated Press

SEASIDE, Calif. (AP) -- Gasping for words, shuddering and clinging to each other, the parents of a 13-year-old girl whose body was discovered seven months after she disappeared lashed out at the unknown killer.

“You know who you are,” screamed Alice Williams, whose daughter Christina Marie took her dog for a walk on June 12 and never came back.
Christina Williams

Mrs. Williams' words rang out Thursday through a broad cul-de-sac on the former Ft. Ord Army Base. Just hours before, the Monterey County coroner's office had confirmed the identity of Christina's body through dental records.

Christina had flawless teeth. No fillings. No cracks.

Her bones, a few strands of hair and some weathered clothing were found Tuesday by an ecological surveyor working on a small University of California nature reserve three miles from the Williams' home.

Police Chief Alex Kerekes said the area where Christina's body was found had been searched soon after she disappeared, once with dogs, once on all-terrain vehicles. Investigators said it's possible the body was placed there after the search.

A cause of death has not been determined, but the FBI said it was intensifying its hunt for two men that a witness said she saw soon after Christina disappeared.

“We know these bad people, they are around,” a sobbing Mrs. Williams said. ``They are around us, driving around, looking for innocent children like our daughter Christina. Don't be surprised when one of these days (there is) another victim.”

Her husband Michael, a Navy meteorologist who has become a devout Christian since his daughter's disappearance, said he's hoping to channel his anger into something positive.

“This should never, ever, ever, be allowed to happen,” he said. “Never.”

Letters of condolence should be sent to the Williams family at williams@cmwilliams.org

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