Another Letter Trying to Resolve Problem with Passion Julinsey

March 26, 1998

Dear Puncheep Wongsrikul,

I am deeply sorry to have to write you this letter, but now I have no choice plus I feel that you are entitled to know the truth.

I just received a call from my attorney who informs me that your sister has re-opened the court case against me. The case had been dismissed on Monday, March 23.

I am disturbed by this development. Frankly, I feel that your sister is mentally ill and emotionally disturbed. She is clearly in need of psychiatric help. However, since she does not want help and does not recognize her illness, I feel that ultimately only a stint in jail will cure her. Perhaps, if your sister spends a few years in prison, she will be better.

Passion Isara Julinsey

The truth is that I did everything I could to be kind to your sister. I was totally devoted to her. Also, until now, I have kept her secrets and not revealed to anyone the truth about her.

The truth is that from October 12, 1997 until October 22, 1997, I was living with your sister in your apartment in Dallas, while you were away on your honeymoon on a Mediterranean cruise. Your sister picked me up from the Greyhound Bus Station in Dallas at about 10:00 PM on the evening of October 12, drove me to your apartment and, within less than ten minutes after we entered your apartment, I was in your bed having sexual intercourse with your sister.

We continued to have sex during the entire time I was there, having sexual intercourse a total of ten times either in your bed or on the floor of the other apartment which was being vacated.

I had to leave Dallas and return to New York on the morning of October 22, because you were coming back from your honeymoon that day.

If you do not believe me, look at your computer, because I downloaded my entire web site at into your computer because my computer had been stolen by Greyhound Bus on the way to Dallas.

Later, your sister came to New York, arriving on or about November 11. I picked her up in the bus station and brought her to my house at 1813 New York Avenue in Brooklyn, where we were once again having sexual intercourse within ten minutes after her first arrival in my house.

The reason I am telling you all this is that now your sister is claiming in court that we had a "platonic relationship" and that we never had sex at all. She has had me arrested for "attempted rape". It is obviously a relevant fact that in reality I had sexual intercourse with your sister a total of approximately 35 times, of which 10 times were in Dallas and another 16 or so times were from November 11, 1997 until November 27. On November 27, your sister's friend, Carol Tan of Coopers and Lybrand in Washington DC, came up to visit and stayed for three days in my house. Something upset your sister about that visit, and she stopped allowing me to have sex with her on a daily basis from then on. We continued to have sex, but much less frequently. We had sexual intercourse a total of nine times from November 27 until the last being January 15. Because your sister sometimes (but not always) insisted on using a condom while having sex, it so happened that I had a used condom in the trash which was left behind when your sister moved out on January 18. That condom was used when I had sexual intercourse with your sister on the evening of January 15.

I have preserved that used condom. I am sure that, if tested, it will show both my DNA and her DNA on the condom, and that this will constitute conclusive proof that I had sexual intercourse with your sister.

This evidence could send your sister to prison for bringing a false and fraudulent case against me.

I am hoping that you will talk to your sister. This war your sister started does not do me or her any good. I have frequently made entreaties trying to settle this problem amicably. Your sister has responded by going to the police and the courts repeatedly, trying to have me arrested and prosecuted, when I have done nothing remotely wrong. Not only could her activities result in her being prosecuted for any of a number of things, but it is entirely possible that she will be denied a license to practice law because of this.

I would sincerely like to settle this matter. I have waited these months before writing you this letter. I am sorry to have to do so now.

I am forwarding to you as proof that the above is true a letter by e-mail your sister wrote to me inviting me to come to stay in your apartment in Dallas while you were away.

Sam Sloan

Passion is very aggressively pushing this case. The case was in court again on May 20 and was adjourned again. I have done everything I can possibly think of to resolve this problem. Here is another letter I wrote about this: Letter dated March 5, 1998.

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